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Fri, Nov 22, 2019

Random Rush Tidbits

Wed, Aug 9, 2006@12:00PM | comments

There are several little Rush tidbits to report today. So I thought I'd just lump them all into one post.

First off, the winner of the most recent Rush Backstage Club contest (for the autographed Rush Replay DVD) was announced. And there's now a message up on the site saying that they'll start another contest as soon as the "New" Backstage Club site is up. So it looks like they're going to launch a new and improved (hopefully) site.

Last Friday I posted about how Toronto classic rock station, Q107, declared this past weekend the "Top 5" Classic Rock Long Weekend. They counted down a number of top 5 lists including the top 5 singers, guitarists, album covers, instrumentals, etc. Rush was up for voting on several of the lists. Well, the results are in. Where Rush scored in the top 5 are as follows:

Canadian Bands - #1 Rush
Concert Events - #2 Rock for Toronto (Sars-stock)
Instrumental songs - #3 YYZ
Base Players - #1 Geddy Lee
Best Drummer - #2 Neil Peart
Best Live Acts - #5 Rush

Not a bad showing overall. Neil Peart lost to John Bonham for best drummer by the way. I'm not surprised - polls like these are generally more of a popularity contest than anything else. I also think that the Rush vote for best instrumental song was most likely split because La Villa was also on there. I bet that YYZ would have won if it were the only Rush song up for voting. Thanks to Mark for compiling the results.

Last Thursday I reported how the Kiss Army (Kiss fan club) was planning on marching on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this past weekend. Well, they did. The Cleveland Plain Dealer had a big write up on it and also posted a survey on their web site where they asked fans to vote for bands that they think have been overlooked by the Rock Hall. Rush wasn't on the list of course ... but you could write them in. And they ended up getting the 2nd-most number of write-in votes (just behind local fav Eric Carmen). I'd like to think that readers helped out in this effort.

There's a new video game coming out entitled Rush which confused freelance gaming writer Jason McMaster, contributor at gaming blog Lamethrower:

The Rush series makes its way onto the PSP, with Wi-Fi support and an exclusive PSP stunt arena.

You know, the first time I saw this game title I immediately tried to figure out if I'd play as Geddy Lee or Neil Peart first. I was daydreaming about how sweet it would be to play an ACTUAL game of Big Money, make someone actually Stick It Out, living in the Limelight or just be the bad ass Tom Sawyer. I was wrong, it's a racing game.

I think I'd play Neil Peart. :)

There's another Rush Replay contest over at Ghostland. You can enter here.

Melissa pointed something out in the comments on my Rush in October '06 Guitar World post post earlier this week; she says that there's also a fantastic advertisement near the back of the issue for an Epiphone accoustic guitar with Alex on it.

And finally, the Paul Green School of Rock (the real school of rock) all-stars are in the midst of their summer tour. Here's a clip where members of the Austin, TX school perform Rush's Working Man at Hanover's Draft Haus, Pflugerville, Texas on July 29th. Not bad for a bunch of kids.