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Thu, Nov 21, 2019

Rush Replay X 3 review

Thu, Jun 29, 2006@9:08AM | comments

[PopMatters: Rush Replay X 3 Review]

Online magazine Pop Matters recently posted a review of Rush Replay X 3. Reviewer Adrien Begrand heaps praise on the box set and gives it an 8 out of 10. This is the most comprehensive review I've seen to this point and it even includes a YouTube vid of a tune from each disk. The review concludes thusly:

Replay x 3 doesn't outshine the previous two Rush DVDs, but it does give the fans more of what they've wanted, and the fact that the band keeps delivering such high quality products to their audience is commendable. It seems that the band is finished putting out concert DVDs for the time being, as a new studio album is currently in the works, but with three and a half more hours of Rush for us to binge on, we'll be just fine until the new disc arrives. After that, we can start clamoring for a fourth live DVD.