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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

2 more vintage radio shows added at

Thu, Jun 29, 2006@9:00AM | comments

[Rush Replay X 3 Contest Page: Rush Radio Specials]

A couple of weeks ago I alerted you to the fact that the Official Rush and Rush Replay x3 Contest and Interactive Pages,, had posted several vintage radio shows on their Bonus Features page. They just added two more to make a total of 9. Just look for the huge banner saying "Rush Radio Specials". Click on this banner and you can listen to the following:

  • NEW! Mary Turner - Off the Record with Alex Lifeson (1993)
  • NEW!In the Studio - Moving Pictures 25th Anniversary With Redbeard
  • Much More Music - The Story of Rush (2002)
  • Rush - "Hemispheres" Radio Special 1978
  • Uncle Joe Benson - "Feedback" (Off the Record) 2004
  • Jim Ladd and Geddy Lee - "Signals" 1982 Innerview
  • Jim Ladd and Neil Peart - "Grace Under Pressure" 1984 Innerview
  • Mary Turner and Geddy Lee - Off The Record (1988) - "A Show of Hands"
  • Sean McKay and Rush - The 1982 "Exit ... Stage Left" Radio Special