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Sat, Nov 28, 2020

Excerpts from Alex Lifeson Ontario Golf Magazine interview

Wed, Jun 21, 2006@10:25PM | comments removed/disabled

Earlier this week I mentioned that Alex Lifeson was interviewed for Ontario Golf Magazine's Early Summer 2006 issue. I've obtained a copy of the article (thanks again Pat!) and thought I'd share some of it here. The cover tagline reads WHAT A RUSH. Rocker Alex Lifeson plays a hand in Ontario's next great golf course. Most of the article understandably talks about golf. Alex relates about how he wasn't much into the game most of his life, but once he started playing back in 1989 he was hooked:

There's also a mini article which talks about the Ritz Carlton New Year's Eve incident. I'll try and post that in the next couple days.

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