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Sun, Dec 15, 2019

Rush Replay Roundup

Sun, Jun 18, 2006@10:45AM | comments

It's been nearly a week since fans began obtaining copies of Rush's new box set Rush Replay X 3. Discussions at the various Rush forums/messageboards (The Rush Forum, Rush Tour Forum, etc.) are abuzz with either praise or criticism - mostly praise though. There are several reviews to peruse at Amazon and other sites as well. The various fan critical reviews are too numerous for me to reproduce here, but the general consensus is very positive. The big story is the sound quality - which is excellent; there's little disagreement there. The video quality is about what was expected, although there are several fans complaining about it anyways. And the tracklist, what was and wasn't included, is another topic of much discussion. Although all reports prior to the release promised that the DVDs would mirror exactly the VHS releases, and that's exactly what was delivered. A lot of us had hoped for some easter eggs however. But there aren't any - I've verified it personally.

As far as deals go, the big surprise was Best Buy offering an exlusive deal where 4 bonus tracks were included on the Grace Under Pressure CD. Not only that, they also offered by far the best price - $24.99. Eric over at Power Windows compiled some details about these 4 tracks:

Copies purchased at Best Buy have an exclusive version of the Grace Under Pressure audio disk which has four undocumented bonus tracks tacked onto the end of the disk. The printed tracklist matches the DVD, with no mention of the bonus tracks at all other than the Best Buy sticker on the wrapper. The four bonus tracks are from the Exit Stage Left and A Show of Hands video soundtracks, three of which were previously not available on vinyl or CD: "Limelight" was previously available on King Biscuit Flower Hour's Best of the Best: 25 Years of Rock (live). Note: the version of "Closer To The Heart" included here was recorded during the Moving Pictures tour, the version found on the ESL album was recorded during the Permanent Waves tour (with the "Glaswegian Chorus"!).

p/g Soundtrack Best Buy Exclusive Bonus Tracks
"Limelight" (ESL video soundtrack)
"Closer To The Heart" (ESL video soundtrack)
"The Spirit Of Radio" (ASOH video soundtrack)
"Tom Sawyer" (ASOH video soundtrack)

Amazon has since reduced their price to match the Best Buy price; a little late for that I'd say.

Personally, I really loved watching these DVDs. I'd never seen any of them in their entirety. I also never saw Rush live prior to the Power Windows tour; so Exit and GUP were a real treat to see. There were some definite personal highlights for me. On Exit ... Stage Left, Xanadu with the dual double necks and the Finale Medley really stand out. On Grace Under Pressure, seeing the Fear Trilogy in its entirety was a real treat. Territories live on A Show of Hands definitely stands out too.