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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Comparing Rush Replay X 3 Offers

Mon, Jun 12, 2006@10:25AM | comments

The Sunday paper advertising insert from Best Buy containing the ad for Rush Replay X 3 has been causing much confusion on the various Rush message boards (and in my brain too). The Best Buy offer seems almost too good to be true. Here's the Breakdown:

Best Buy offer:

Rush DVD & CD Sale

Exclusive tracks & free shipping

Rush is back with the new 3-DVD box set, Replay X3.

Save on the new box set and get a bonus CD with more than 17 minutes of exclusive tracks. Bonus CD features live versions of "Limelight," "Tom Sawyer," "Spirit of the Radio" and "Closer to the Heart."
Plus, get free ground shipping and save on previous Rush favorites as well.

As far as the 4 bonus songs they refer to - what we are fairly sure about is that the versions of Limelight and Closer to the Heart will be from the Exit ... Stage Left DVD and The Spirit of Radio and Tom Sawyer are from the A Show of hands DVD. What is still a little unclear are whether these are actually contained on a completely separate 4-song bonus CD or as part of the Grace Under Pressure bonus CD that is included with the release. So in the latter case does this mean that those of us who purchased it through say, Amazon (like me), will get a version of the Grace Under Pressure CD that does not contain these 4 songs? I find that unlikely but I'm not really sure. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Either way, as far as price goes - Best Buy definitely has the best deal going as of the moment; $24.99 and free shipping. Although tax must still be paid (unlike at Amazon) which is typically in the $1.50 to $2 range. So still the best deal even with the tax.

The Circuit City ad insert also came out yesterday and here's how their offer breaks down. They're offering the DVD for $27.99 (same as Amazon) but tax and shipping (if you don't get it in-store) must still be paid. However they are offering a free poster with an in-store purchase (while supplies last). So what if you want the better deal at Best Buy but you also want the poster? Overdose2112 over at the Rush Tour Forum has some advice regarding this:

... get it at Best Buy and walk into Circuit City and tell them you bought one earlier and didnt get the free poster advertised, you thought it would've been inside the package and got home to find it not there. Then they'll most likely just give you one, they'll probably have tons of extra ones anyways. I have a friend who gave me 10 of the Feedback posters from FYE, kept two and gave the rest away to friends.

Good advice.

Unfortunatley for me (and for many others I assume) I've already ordered my copy through Amazon and it's too late for me to cancel (it's being prepared for shipment). I suppose I could return it though. Or keep it and get one at Best Buy too. Whatever. I'm just glad I'm finally getting it. I'll keep you posted as I find out more about the bonus CD situation.

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