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Mon, Dec 9, 2019

Alex Lifeson makes the top 40 classic rock guitarists list

Thu, Jun 1, 2006@11:20AM | comments

[Calgary's Top Q107FM 40 Classic Rock Guitarists]

Several weeks ago I posted about an online poll that Calgary's Q107FM was running to determine the top 40 classic rock guitarists of all time. They started revealing the winners 10 at a time a few weeks ago. The full list is now out and our favorite guitarist Alex Lifeson just made it into the top ten by a whisker. The top 10 were:

1) Jimi Hendrix
2) Jimmy Page
3) Eric Clapton
4) David Gilmour
5) Eddie Van Halen
6) Stevie Ray Vaughan
7) Pete Townshend
8) Angus Young
9) Carlos Santana
10) Alex Lifeson

It's tough to argue with this list; Alex is in good company.