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Mon, Aug 3, 2020

Rush Blog Roundup

Fri, Mar 10, 2006@10:00AM | comments

It's that time again; time for the Rush blog roundup where I compile recent Rush-related posts from around the blogosphere.

This dude has a blog diary documenting his exercise regime. On day four he says:

... Funny thing happened today, I ran into one of my child hood rock idols. Geddy Lee, the lead singer of Rush, he was cool. I'm going to make my actual workout plan as soon as I finish writing this, I have warmed up my body to the point that I can begin a plan. June 21, I can do it, no problem. ...

That's it?!? He was cool?!? This guy is way too focused on his workout plan. :)

Deuce's Stay Wild is a blog which contains news and commentary on the music industry, recording artists, albums, electronics, and instruments. This post talks about how bands are signed and references an Alex Lifeson interview from Guitar Player:

From what I know of the industry, bands that are fortunate enough to be signed are expected (and no doubt pressured) to release albums that sell in huge quantities. Those that don't meet this expectation are, mostly, cut loose.

This reality was confirmed for me in a Guitar Player interview of Rush's Alex Lifeson. On the subject of the longevity of bands Lifeson stated, "the way record companies work is completely different than it was 30 years ago. Record companies have become speculators, rather than developers. Nowadays, you have to come in with a completed record, and it's released on spec. If it instantly does okay, you might get a deal. If it doesn't, you'll get dropped." ...

UK band Livid has a blog too. Band member Ency thinks Geddy Lee has placed a curse on the band:

... Then, it's Wednesday and we've got a gig at The Limelight** in Crewe, playing with our good buddies Dirt. It's been ages since we played there, and we were looking forward to it being a good 'un, as last time we were there, Psy's guitar committed electrical suicide.

Did this time, too. Perhaps Geddy Lee has placed some kind of a curse on us? Other than that, great gig, though. ...

** "Yes! It IS named after that song by Rush. Whaddya mean, you've never heard it? Rush rule! Anyone...? Ah. It's just me that thinks that, is it?"

John at Spitfire's Hurricane discusses how, like many fans, Rush inspired him to read Ayn Rand:

... A fondness for Rush at an early age lead me to delve into the writings of Ayn Rand. Why Rush had to do with Ayn Rand in those days was due to the fact that primary lyric writer and drummer extraordinaire, Neil Peart, had dedicated the 2112 suite "to the genius of Ayn Rand". In retrospect, I think even Peart would back away from that observation, but at the time, Rand had a pretty powerful impact on me. ...

He's right; Peart has backed away from Ayn Rand and objectivism a bit basically saying that he is "no one's disciple", although he was heavily influenced by her writings back in the 70s.

Will Grigg at the New American Birch Blog reflects on how rock is settling into middle-age and quotes Geddy Lee:

The music of adolescent rebellion has now settled into late middle age, with rock stars in their seventh decade topping the charts and selling out concert tours. ... Paul McCartney, co-writer of the Beatles standard "When I'm 64," will reach that age this year - while fronting a band of musicians young enough to be his grandchildren.

How do we account for the hegemony of Geronto-rock? "Craftsmanship hardly ages at all, and smarter songwriters have used it to defuse the issue of age itself," comments London's Guardian ...

... In 2002, Rush, the incomparable Canadian power trio, toured Brazil and were astonished to be the focal point of mob scenes - the first time they had been greeted in such frenzied fashion during a career spanning three decades. "It's not like we're Justin Timberlake or something," comments bass player/keyboardist/vocalist Geddy Lee in the Rush in Rio documentary.

Exactly. And neither are the other senior citizen acts dominating the popular music scene. This is why their music will endure ...

Irene apologizes to Neil Peart:

Well, I thought about what I wrote re: Rush's "horrible lyrics," and I have to take the word "horrible" back. Sometimes they're not to my taste, and sometimes I can't help laughing when I contemplate the meaning of the song "The Trees," but that could just be my own tiny mind trying to contemplate something that's way too deep for it. Because now on second look, those lyrics are actually pretty, uh, pretty (scroll down).

I mean, I get it with the Ayn Rand and the Tolkien references: the guy reads. I can respect that, and acknowledge that there are lots of literature references in their lyrics that I don't know, because I'm not as well-read as I like to pose at.

And, hello, the only "A" paper I wrote in the 12th grade was about Ayn Rand, so who am I to talk? I'm no objectivist, but I really enjoyed reading her books. What 18 year old hasn't yet? And I saw Axl Rose once giving an interview on MTV about "Atlas Shrugged." I mean, if Axl Rose bought it, can you blame me?

And then I visited the official Neil Peart website, and read an interview Alex Lifeson did on CNN, and found out about the tragedies in Neil's life... and felt bad. I have personally grooved to "Freewill" and "Fly By Night," and I should not be passing myself off as too cool to admit that I like some Rush songs.

I even bought a T-shirt at the first Rush show my old boyfriend Drew dragged me to (he wasn't old, but the fact that he was my boyfriend is), and promptly lost it under my seat. I wanted one with the magician's bunny on it but they were out of them.

So, Neil, I'm sorry. Are we cool?

I'm sure he'd accept your apology if he ever read your blog. :)

Darth Saul can't pronounce Alex Lifeson's real last name (me either), but he makes a good case as to why Lerxst should be considered a "guitar god":

Alex Zivojinovic: That's actually Rush's Alex Lifeson's real last name; I have no clue how to pronounce it though. ... I've been listening to Rush for well over 20 years now and I think that Alex is quite possibly one of the most underrated guitarist in the rock industry. There lots of guitarists who are credited as being the best guitar gods ... but I think that Alex should rank right up there, and in many ways he far surpasses many of those guitarists with his versatility. He makes the guitar scream, weep (to borrow from George Harrison) and even whisper softly.

Alex is not afraid to try different sounds on his guitar work, be it classical guitar, six string, or twelve string. He uses effect pedals and synths to enhance the sound, but not to drown out the integrity of the bands sound. There are times when the guitar work seems to be limited, with more emphasis on the keyboards which may come across as if he doesn't have much in the way of varity. But if one listens to his work over the 30 years, he's one of the few guitar players that is a bit difficult to identify by the sound, there is no "Alex Lifeson" sound. Eddie Van Halen is an example of a guitar player who can be identified by his "sound." Van Halen is a fantastic guitarist, but compared to Alex, he has a sameness that can actually get a little boring to listen to. On all of the Rush albums, Alex has a fresh sound, be it in riffs or solos. ...

I think he hit the nail right on the head. Well said darthsaul!

Astrogirl has been having disturbing dreams about Geddy Lee and Warren Zevon:

... I like to listen to my entire music collection on random shuffle, and was doing so last night when it threw up Rush's "Fly By Night." It was a live version, and cut off kind of abruptly at the end, to be immediately followed by "I'll Slow You Down" by Warren Zevon. Hey, cool, I thought. It's like a sort of dialog: the second song could be a reply to the first one. (Because it's basically "Sorry, but I'm outta here" followed by "Fine, go. I'll just sit here and wallow in self-pity.") And I was amused for a bit, but then I thought, hey, wait, that sort of makes it sound like Warren Zevon and Geddy Lee were having a relationship, and ewww. THERE IS INCREDIBLY DISTURBING RPS IN MY BRAIN NOW! MAKE IT GO AWAY! ...

Hee hee. :)