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Mon, Aug 3, 2020

Counterparts message board down for a few days

Fri, Mar 10, 2006@8:17AM | comments

For any of you who are members of the Counterparts Rush message board (like me) and were wondering why the site was down, here's your answer from the site administrator. This was posted on The Rush Forum:

First off, thanks to RushRevisited for letting me make this note about CP here!

Here's the shortened version. I get a email from my hosting company that they are re-assigning all their users with new IP addresses. I make an announcement stating that CP will be down for a day or two, while this change takes place.

I get an email from my hosting company, cancelling the IP reallocation. So I think everything is gonna be status quo. No issues, etc.

What happens tonight? No CP for me, and a few other folks. I contact the hosting company about this, and they reply, "Your server has a new IP address. Did you not receive the notification of this a few weeks back?"


So, I have to point the domains and the domain name server to the new IP addresses. (How do I do this? Let's call it a very quick education in server maintenance). CP will be down for I'd say 3 - 5 days (probably shorter) while the new IP gets noticed.

So there you have it. I work for a web development company and we also do hosting for most of our clients; this type of thing should never happen. They should have at least put something in place to redirect the old IP to the new one while all this is going on. I'd say that down time will probably be closer to 2-3 days. So I'll have to do without my Counterparts fix this weekend.