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Sun, Dec 15, 2019

Trailer Park Boys "Closer to the Heart" guitar auction

Wed, Feb 15, 2006@9:56AM | comments

Bubbles at The Puck Bunny Charity Ball[Trailer Park Boys "Closer to the Heart" guitar auction]

UPDATE - 2/15@3:40PM: I just found out where/when this is from. It's from The Puck Bunny Charity Ball in Vancouver, BC which was held on February 4th of this month.

I'm not sure where/when this is from but it's a video of Bubbles and company from The Trailer Park Boys auctioning off the guitar that "Liquor and Whores" and "Closer to The Heart" was played on. Looks like the bidding got up to $6000! There's also a video of him performing the song at the same event here. You can view the entire Trailer Park Boys Closer to the Heart episode here.