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Sun, Dec 15, 2019

Trailer Park Boys: Closer to the Heart

Mon, Jan 30, 2006@10:00AM | comments

The Trailer Park BoysUPDATE: 8/21@10:00AM: Unfortunately, these vids have been removed from YouTube. However, there is still a vid of just the kidnap scene from this episode up. You can watch it here.

Through the wonders of the internet and, you can now watch the entire Trailer Park Boys episode which features Alex Lifeson, Closer to the Heart. Some background from Power Windows:

"Closer To The Heart" (season 3, episode 5, aired May 18th, 2003): "Bubbles is so devastated about not getting tickets to the RUSH concert that Ricky decides to bring Alex Lifeson (played by Alex Lifeson) to the park to perform a private concert." One scene of the episode was filmed during the October 22nd, 2002, Vapor Trails concert at Toronto's Air Canada Centre, as actor Mike Smith, who portrays Bubbles on the Nova Scotia, Canada, based comedy series, was filmed playing the part of a Rush roadie. As he walked on stage to hand Alex a new guitar, Geddy told the crowd "he is a new guy." The final scene of the episode features Alex and Bubbles playing "Closer To The Heart" on dual acoustic guitars.

And now without further adieu, I bring you "Closer to the Heart" in three installments. Enjoy.

[Trailer Park Boys Closer to the Heart - Part 1 of 3]

[Trailer Park Boys Closer to the Heart - Part 2 of 3]

[Trailer Park Boys Closer to the Heart - Part 3 of 3]

Many thanks to thesectional at for making these available.