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Sat, Aug 13, 2022

New album, tour and book: News Update!

Fri, Jan 27, 2006@2:15PM | comments removed/disabled

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UPDATE - 4/27@2:35PM: Neil Peart has posted an update to his website where he discusses the 6 sketched out songs mentioned in the update below.

UPDATE - 2/21@1:42PM: A lucky fan and Counterparts member recently ran into Alex Lifeson at the Orbit Room and asked him about the new album. Apparently they have 6 songs completed and a few more sketched out!

Neil Peart has finally updated his website once again! The News, Weather and Sports section contains all sorts of updates on the next Rush album and tour, and Neil's next book project. As far as the next studio album Neil says:

... just this past week Alex and Geddy and I have started work on some new songs. Although we are 3000 miles apart, the two of them at home in Toronto and me in California, last week I received an e-mail from Geddy saying that he and Alex had spent the day in his home studio, and not only did they have fun, but they also thought they'd written something good.

A couple of weeks ago I had written to both of them that I had spent some time at my Quebec place in November, and decided to see if I had any lyrical "muscles" built up. ... I spent five days sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace. A pile of papers grew in an ever-widening circle around me, and in the end ... I felt that I had about six half-decent ideas under construction. ... So when Geddy told me that he and Alex were starting to work on some music, he also asked if I could send them some words to work with. I took a deep breath and sent off my "babies," and now I'm waiting (somewhat anxiously) to hear their responses. ...

... Alex and Geddy and I plan to get together soon in person and make some serious plans for writing and recording this year. Hopefully we'll also get together soon with guitars and drums. ... the actual work is sure to take most of 2006 to accomplish, so although it's encouraging to know that some new Rush music is in the works, no one should hold their breath waiting to hear it. ...

Good news of course. However, Neil sounds not quite as optimistic as Alex and Geddy when it comes to a release date; they've been saying in many interviews that there may be an album by the fall. Neil makes it sound like he expects it to be later than that. And as far as a tour goes, Neil says ...

... Friends and strangers have informed me they have heard there are plans for a Rush tour this year, but I can only say, "It's news to me." In reality, any tour dates in 2006 are unlikely - maybe next year. ...

Neil also offers some insight into the progress of his next writing project:

... I am planning to travel up to Canada later this month, to spend some time in Quebec working on the final revision of Roadshow: Landscape With Drums, A Concert Tour by Motorcycle (at the urging of my editor, Paul McCarthy, I am once again using both subtitles) ... As for the Roadshow story, it looks like the book will have a September publication now, which means I will have to knuckle down and get it finished by the end of February. ...

So to sum up, new album and tour likely not until 2007 - new book this fall. He also does the weather and the sports. :)

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