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Thu, Oct 1, 2020

Anatomy of a Drum Solo Reviews

Tue, Dec 20, 2005@12:07PM | comments

[Anatomy of a Drum Solo Customer Reviews at]

Neil Peart's instructional DVD Anatomy of a Drum Solo has been out for a few weeks now. Despite a minor production defect in the first run of the DVD, the feedback from fans has been very positive. There are currently 5 user reviews up at and they all give it 5 stars. Here's a sampling of one of the more comprehensive reviews:

This DVD is a captured moment in time; I believe this will live forever as a record showcasing the genius of Neil Peart - the best and most popular drummer of modern times. ... Work In Progress was a great insight into Neil's analytical mind, but this is just fantastic and way more enjoyable. ... Neil, moreso I think than on Work In Progress, comes across as a humble, amiable and genuine guy with a total LOVE for drums. His incredible R30 drum set is set-up from scratch here by Lorne Wheaton, his drum tech ... this leads me to the extras. Oh boy. It's crammed. We got unreleased 1994 Counterparts concert footage, the Show Of Hands solo snippet, a solo recorded in Germany on the last tour but previously unreleased, with which one can compare and contrast subtleties that Neil makes to his solo each night (keeping it fresh), we got two 30 minute (and over) 'explorations' whereby we observe Neil at practice, simply exploring new concepts, fills, rhythms, ideas..."what ifs" - and we got a systematic piece-by-piece breakdown of Der Trommler; Neil's 2004 solo ... Neil mentions Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Joe Morello, etc etc and basically cites these as key players, amongst many others, who have handed us down this wonderful concept of 'drum soloing'. Many drummers, such as Kieth Moon and Stewart Copeland, refuse to 'solo', but the message here is; let's celebrate the art and marvel at the creations of the wonderful showpieces of the craft - and keep drum solos alive! It's our duty as drummers. ... Basically, you have to buy this DVD. It's choc full of extras and is put together really, really well. There is much interesting dialogue and also Mambo's Dance Party and Pieces Of 8 on audio which can be accessed. There are two drum-camera perspectives of Tom Sawyer and Subdivisons from the Frankfurt concert in 2004 and also O! Baterista! is here too. ... Occasionally, when one really builds oneself up for a DVD release, the result can oftentimes be disappointing. This isn't. It's incredible. ...