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Wed, Feb 28, 2024

Alex Lifeson Takes a Friend: Golfer Rocco Mediate

Mon, Nov 7, 2005@9:50AM | comments removed/disabled

[Q & A: Rocco Mediate]

Alex Lifeson is mentioned in an interview with his friend, golfer Rocco Mediate. From the interview when asked What would you be if you weren't a PGA Tour player?:

I would have done something in music. I love music. I can't play it. I've never tried it, but I love it. I've become very close friends with Alex Lifeson, the lead guitarist of Rush. We're very dear friends. I travel with them on tour and I just really enjoy it. My middle son is playing the guitar and is becoming a nice player. Alex helps him out. It's pretty cool to have one of the top five guitarists in the world helping out your son.

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