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Sun, Oct 23, 2005@10:33AM | comments removed/disabled

Hi. If you don't know me already my name is Ed. I'm an avid blogger and have had my own personal blog since 2002. I'm also a big Rush fan (obviously) and have been visiting Rush sites online since back in the days of The National Midnight Star. There are literally 100s of Rush sites out there. But since I started blogging I noticed that strangely enough very few of these are blogs. There are a lot of Rush forums and message boards; but I'm not a big fan of the forum format so I avoid these. There are also dozens of "tribute" sites where fans profess their love of the band surrounded by spinny Rush logos and links to other Rush sites. These are nice and all but the content seldom changes and most don't seem to have any purpose besides being Rush "shrines". Probably the sites I visit most are the Rush content-oriented sites; the sites that have all sorts of neat Rush content - FAQs, images, screensavers, video, etc. Of these sites Power Windows is probably the best and one of my personal favorites - I visit it regularly. One of the things I like best about it is that it has regularly updated Rush news. However, it's not presented in a blog format; so I can't comment on any of the news, share links or have a discussion with fellow fans; nor can I share links to the news item or view a news archive. Despite this, it's still a great site and has all sorts of cool content. What I really wanted to see was a regularly updated Rush blog whose primary focus was disseminating all the latest Rush news and tidbits and which allowed me to read and share comments with other Rush fans. I looked, but I couldn't really find anything. That's when I decided to just start my own. My personal blog has sort of been a Rush blog at times anyways. So I decided to create a "spin-off" of my blog that was solely dedicated to Rush content. I had 3 years worth of posts to work from and I copied them all over to my new blog as a starting point. So although this site looks as if it has archives dating back to 2002, this is the "official" first post. All I needed was a name. Over my last few years of searching for Rush stuff online I found that the keyword "rush" was often insufficient to find what I was looking for. For one thing, it's a common everyday word; it also happens to be the name of a certain popular (to some deluded souls at least) right-wing radio talk-show host. But "Rush is a band!" my mind screamed. I won't claim coming up with this phrase myself although I can't remember where I first saw it - maybe a bumper sticker (there is a guy that sells these bumper stickers and, yes, I now own one). Here was the perfect name for my blog. I grabbed the domain and here I am. Welcome to Enjoy and please leave some "feedback" (pun intended).

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