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Sun, Dec 15, 2019

YYZ Fan Video

Mon, Aug 29, 2005@2:16PM | comments

["A Digital Man": Animated Video by Bobby Standridge ]

I found this on Neil Peart's website. Some fan put together a computer-animated video for YYZ. It's pretty cool. And I must say that the computer-animated Neil is pretty buff. :)

From the site:

My name is Bobby Standridge and I'm a Rush-a-holic. Seriously, the impetus for creating the YYZ video was twofold. First, the song is simply astounding and deserved a video accompaniment. Second, I needed an excuse to practice my newfound "skills" in the wild and woolly world of computer animation. So, here I am, and here it is. It has been such a thrill for me to share my affection for the band with the fan community. What a devoted bunch!

On a technical note, the video was created with 3D Studio Max R3 and hand keyframed using a video reference of me air-drumming along to the song. Being an older version of the software, the inverse kinematics tended to bog down after a few hundred frames, so I had to break the video down into many (un)manageable pieces. Adobe's Photoshop CS and Premiere Pro played key roles during the compositing and authoring phases.
That's about it.