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Wed, Feb 21, 2024

Neil Likes the Mars Volta too...

Thu, Jul 21, 2005@2:41PM | comments removed/disabled

[Neil's Picks for Quality Listening]

It looks like Neil Peart was as impressed with the Mars Volta as I was. From his "recommended listening" page talking about the Mars Volta's album Frances the Mute:

Matt [Neil's friend] introduced me to this band's first album, Deloused in the Comatorium, which I loved. A couple of their songs appeared on the "ShowTunes" collections that I programmed as "walk-in music" at our shows on the R30 Tour. I'm just starting to listen to this one, so I won't say too much about it - but I can already tell it's another brave, adventurous, uncompromising, highly musical piece of work.

What's not to like?

Mainly, it's wonderful just to know that records like this still get made, and listened to.

I completely agree. The Mars Volta rocks.

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