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Mon, Aug 3, 2020

Rush Nominated for Best Rock Instrumental

Wed, Dec 8, 2004@10:55AM | comments

Rush 2003[47th Annual Grammy Awards: Rock]

For the 4th time, Rush has been nominated for a Grammy in the the Best Rock Instrumental category. They'll probably lose again - as they always do - but it's still quite an honor. It's funny - I've never heard anyone try and claim that Neil Peart was a bad drummer, or that Alex Lifeson was a bad guitarist or that Geddy Lee couldn't play bass. However, I've often heard people say that they hate Geddy Lee's vocals - and cite that reason as why they can't stand Rush. So I guess it's no surprise that the only Grammy category they ever get nominated for is Best Rock Instrumental. For the record, I love Geddy's voice.