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Posted on Friday, July 4, 2014 at 9:56AM

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#58 - Posted 7/8/14 @12:31AM by cagster [contact]

How to help someone become a Rush fan.
2 shots of Jameson(or shots of choice) 2 Mannys (or beers of choice)
crank the hell out of Xanadu.
Watch person respond with Holy S%#!
#57 - Posted 7/7/14 @6:30PM by LanceTheShred [contact]

Craig-It's that warped looking picture of Slobovich!!
#56 - Posted 7/7/14 @5:47PM by CraigJ [contact]

Not so much GM as Wham!. I like GM, but "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go", well, not so much.

Speaking of Carnies. I just watched the CA Tour DVD a couple of times over the weekend. I really enjoyed watching that. What's that picture Lerxst has taped to the back of the keyboard he plays on "The Garden" ?
#55 - Posted 7/7/14 @5:35PM by LanceTheShred [contact]

You Carnies are making fun of THE George Michael??? Really.

Check out the bass line from Deon on Hard Day and tell me your ass don't start shakin. Geddy initiated the wiggle, the one legged hop and picked up a thing or two from this dude:

#54 - Posted 7/7/14 @3:25PM by jupeguy [contact]

LOL- Sorry about that!
Vomiting is the inevitable response to anyone who listens to that song.
#53 - Posted 7/7/14 @3:17PM by CraigJ [contact]

Touché. Actually, _extra_ touché because I was eating lunch.

Although you must admit the vomiting was an accurate response to that song...
#52 - Posted 7/7/14 @2:40PM by jupeguy [contact]

Thanks sooooo much Craig,here's one for you.
#51 - Posted 7/7/14 @2:18PM by CraigJ [contact]

#49 - Just for you! link
#50 - Posted 7/7/14 @2:15PM by Ripper62 [contact]

43 and 47 Either method works for me! :)

42 Pontification.
#49 - Posted 7/7/14 @12:09PM by jupeguy [contact]

Pat R.- Just can't past WMUBYGG by Wham!Hated the song, hated the video!(not as much as the video for Dancing in the Streets by David Bowie and Mick Jagger).You're right he did do a fantastic job on Somebody To Love at the tribute concert and seems like he can really belt it out when he wants to.
#48 - Posted 7/7/14 @11:28AM by Pat R [contact]


Do not feel ashamed praising George Micheal! I thought he killed 'Somebody to Love' at the Mercury tribute. He left all others in the dust! Forget WHAM!, some of Micheal's solo works are my favorite songs from the 90's. Dude's got major soul. He just sometimes lacks common sense!
#47 - Posted 7/7/14 @11:17AM by CraigJ [contact]

"How to become a Rush fan for life"

Listen to Moving Pictures and Exit... Stage Left when you're 13. Done.

Posted 7/5/14 @11:33AM by CraigJ

Just wanted to make sure y'all saw this.
#46 - Posted 7/7/14 @8:28AM by limelighter [contact]

43---lapirata2---agree with you one million per cent.
enig--stop saying bla dude. again too repetitive
#45 - Posted 7/7/14 @8:09AM by jupeguy [contact]


and what enigmaticus? Don't leave us hanging like that man! Please re-tell the entire story and please don't leave out any details.
#44 - Posted 7/7/14 @1:49AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Sorry, #42 and #43, but that scenario definitely does not work for me. You are almost asking me what would have happened, if I had not liked the song, 'Fly By Night.' or if I had been first exposed to "All The World's A Stage," what would I have thought of Rush?

Okay, if the first Rush album that i had first heard was "All The World's A Stage," I definitely would not have liked it, nor would I have recommended it to any of my peers. I would have gone back to listening to classical, baroque, modern, big band and romantic music and maybe even jazz. I would never have made the transition to "rock," or "prog rock," for that matter, nor would my peers, nor would have any of my colleagues, nor their colleagues and so on, and so on, ad infinitum.

Under those circumstances, it is very likely that punk rock would have dominated popular music, there really would have been no reason for "new wave." Progressive rock would not have continued, it would have died a very slow and agonizing death. Without prog, there would not have been a reason for me to create my website, if there had even been an Internet in the first place.

But fortunately, I was not introduced to "All The World's A Stage," I was introduced to "Hemispheres," instead and I had really, really, really liked it. I had told other individuals about it. They had liked it, also. Then i was introduced to "A Farewell To Kings," then "Moving Pictures." then I had searched for more progressive rock bands. Then I had purchased "Exit... Stage Left" and .....
#43 - Posted 7/6/14 @11:30PM by lapirata2 [contact]

"how to become a Rush fan for life"

(1) Go to a Rush concert

(2) If unable to do (1). Play "All the World's A Stage" until the needle wears out.

End of list. And don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.
#42 - Posted 7/6/14 @11:14PM by chuteski [contact]

Is there a term for blog diarrhea?. Or is it called blog diarrhea?
#41 - Posted 7/6/14 @8:28PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Sorry, I had needed to amend that last statement, a bit.

#38 - Posted 7/6/14 @6:10PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

As far as these lists are concerned: I think that it ultimately comes down to what resonates with you, personally. I had found out a long time ago, that "progressive rock" music had appealed to me personally, in a way that neither "heavy metal," nor punk rock ever could.

Therefore after discovering Rush, Pink Floyd and The Moody Blues, I had looked towards finding other progressive rock artists. I had found out that Yes had also held a certain amount of fascination for me, in addition to: Genesis, Jethro Tull and eventually, King Crimson, Talking Heads and Duran Duran. I had also listened to some Van der Graaf Generator, Camel and Caravan.

I will not say that I enjoy the music of every "prog rock" band, because I do not. However, I am much more likely to at least attempt to listen to another band of this genre of rock music, than dismiss them entirely.
#40 - Posted 7/6/14 @7:44PM by Denny Crane [contact]

Many bands do okay after losing their lead singer. Everyone thought Genesis was doomed when PG left, but Phil Collins took over nicely. The big blow to Genesis was when Steve Hackeet left, his departure was a much bigger blow to the group then the lead singer leaving. Even PC said that PC sings the songs "better" but just not with the same "emotion".

I always LOVED the Steve Perry led Journey and called the two newer guys Karaoke replacements. Then SP got on stage in Minnesota last month and stunk the place up royally. That Arnel Pineda (sp?) fella has a fantastic set of pipes on him, you can't take that away from him... he just sings those songs a tad bit differently then SP did 25 years ago. I'll take a 25 year old SP over today's Arnel Pineda, but the version SP gave last month was really, really, not good.

Marillion is another band to continue after their lead singer jumped. I love Fish (aka Derrick W. Dick) much better then the guy they have now. However, rather recent performances by Fish (Return to Childhood) prove he has lost that great voice.

If anything will derail the Rush train it will be Ged's voice, and that is a shame because they are really composing some great music right now. Now, about that Producer....

#39 - Posted 7/6/14 @6:43PM by CraigJ [contact]

101ish here in Phoenix, not that hot but the dew point is in the 60s. Just watching the CA DVD again. It's growin' on me, kinda in the way that fungus doesn't - I do wish the video shots would linger more instead of bouncing all over the place - Final Cut isn't a toy people - just because you can switch angels rapid fire doesn't mean you _have_ to . All' y'all (that's the plural of y'all) enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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