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Posted on Friday, May 16, 2014 at 12:57PM

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#30 - Posted 5/23/14 @5:17AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


That is quite uncanny; you obviously have great taste in restaurants. Yes, I definitely prefer the Dalinian interior of the Original Los Olivos. I am sorry to hear that Los Olivos Norte had closed. My last meal there was a Shrimp Chimichanga, although my favorite dishes are either the Shrimp Fajitas, or the Camarones al Mojo de Ajo.


By the way, did you know that the "prog father," aka Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues was coming to Arizona later this month? I am still debating about buying tickets to the Fox Theater Show, if they are still available.
#29 - Posted 5/22/14 @2:32PM by Thurston [contact]

#10 - Couldn't agree more!
I'm proud to say I've got my teenage daughters into vinyl. But they made up their own minds...all I had to do was put the records on and let them hear the difference. Most new LP releases have all the artwork, lyrics, mp3 downloads...and colored vinyl...which we all agree looks Soooo cool.

Who knows where the industry will go? I'm just happy that I can continue to enjoy music the same I did when I was kid.
#28 - Posted 5/22/14 @10:51AM by CraigJ [contact]

OK, since you're a native, then I actually live in Fountain Hills (which most people wouldn't recognize). I hike the McDowell mountains around Taliesin all the time. Los Olivos Norte is closed, but the original (and much better one) in Old Town is still open - my favorite Mexican restaurant. Small world.
#27 - Posted 5/22/14 @12:47AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Actually, I stand corrected, that was at the Residence Inn near the Borgata, not the one near Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.
#26 - Posted 5/22/14 @12:31AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


I am sorry about that. I had made frequent visits to Scottsdale while attending Arizona State University during the 1990-1991 school year.

Even though I live in a suburb of Tucson, my most recent visit to Scottsdale was in October, 2007. I had visited Taliesin West and had dinner at Los Olivos in North Scottsdale with an out of town friend.

My last overnight stay in Scottsdale was in September, 2002.

I had stayed at the Residence Inn in north Scottsdale for a couple of weeks in August, 1991.

I had attended the Clockwork Angels Tour concert at America West arena in Phoenix, back in November, 2012. I wasn't in the front row, however.
#25 - Posted 5/21/14 @10:28AM by CraigJ [contact]

I live in Scottsdale. I'm upset that you didn't stop by to say hi.

Next time: link
#24 - Posted 5/21/14 @10:03AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I would like to see each of those aforementioned bands, live in concert. I know that It would be impossible to see Pink Floyd in concert and highly unlikely to see Talking Heads in concert, although you never know.

I would also like to see Fleetwood Mac in concert.
#23 - Posted 5/21/14 @9:54AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

No, I generally do not drink coffee, although hot chocolate is a different story. I could not count the number of times that I have had hot chocolate in my life, although I suspect that it would be in the hundreds.

I still remember that my first cup of coffee was in Japan, back in 1987.

My second cup was at the Tamarind Restaurant in Mombasa, Kenya circa October 12, 1988.

My third and fourth cups were cappuccinos at my parent's former house in Sierra Vista, Az (those exact dates are unknown).

My fifth through eighth cups were not pure coffee, but a coffee/chocolate blend.

As of now:

I have never engaged in hot air ballooning, scuba diving, hang gliding, sky diving, bungee jumping, or parasailing.

I have gone snow skiing once.

I have been on a safari once, in Kenya ( I have flown over Mt. Kilimanjaro once)

I have seen The Moody Blues once in concert with a fully symphony orchestra.

I have seen Styx in concert once.

Outside of family vacations, I have had two "proper" vacations in Pattaya Beach, Thailand and Kenya and one, "recuperative" vacation in Scottsdale, Arizona in the past 30 years.

I have seen Rush three times in concert, once every decade, or so.

I have seen Yes, either three or four times, although not until October, 1999 for the first time.

I have never seen King Crimson, Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Pink Floyd, Sade, or Duran Duran in concert, yet.
#22 - Posted 5/19/14 @1:35PM by CraigJ [contact]

Ah. Apparently I need more...
#21 - Posted 5/19/14 @1:27PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Love coffee Craig. I was referring to Enigmaticus.
#20 - Posted 5/19/14 @12:59PM by CraigJ [contact]

You live in Seattle. How no coffee?
#19 - Posted 5/19/14 @12:36PM by jiminseattle [contact]

No coffee or AC/DC, oh well.

Caricatures of your wrecking ball gown
In my mind all the time
I want to be in that damsel patterned alley
Where you go for a smoke
#18 - Posted 5/19/14 @9:50AM by CraigJ [contact]

Just keep in mind that digital storage doesn't need to be compressed. I have all of my classical, Rush, etc stored as full 16/44.1 lossless files - the sound is not only indistinguishable from CD; it's identical. I do compress it on the way "out" to the phone to 192Kb, because the primary purpose of that for me is listening in the car, and working out etc, and A. I have a convertible that is very noisy, and B. I use cheap "disposable" ear buds for working out - I've destroyed too many good ones.

Regarding Blu-Ray, I stopped buying DVDs when BluRays started shipping, but I haven't purchased any BluRay - they max out at 1080p30 / 1080i60. Even then the writing was on the wall for "4K" .

I've been down the road of buying vinyl, then buying CD, buying VHS then buying DVD. Not going down that road again.

Coffee is the lifeblood of good code.
#17 - Posted 5/19/14 @9:04AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I had only started collecting vinyl records in the early 1980's. Once, compact discs had come out, I had given most of my vinyl records away to charity. I do not yet have an Ipod, Iphone, or another type of compressed file storage device. I do however have a first generation Ipad, which I utilize to write almost all of my posts.

I like to actually own a copy of the physical media, so I guess that makes me somewhat old-fashioned. I also have started to replace many of my DVDs with BluRay discs. I have a BluRay drive on one of my laptops and an older BluRay player connected to my HDTV.

I can also count on both hands, the number of times that I have consumed a cup of coffee in my life, i.e. 8 cups.
#16 - Posted 5/18/14 @11:47PM by michinman [contact]

Physical media is for suckers like me who like "stuff". Physical media for the actual music or video itself is becoming obsolete (some would say obsolete now) and the only reason it will survive a short while (or maybe indefintely) is for some nostalgic folks like many of us on this site in our 40's who grew up reading lyrics on 15" album covers and staring at the group photos. Just look at this gargantuan box-set. I doubt many of us who want to listen to this album will actually throw it on the turntable. Even for vinyl afficionados, they'll preserve it in some special wrap or something and listen to the file on their computer. I may be wrong, I know vinyl fans like vinyl for the sound, but for most of us that's what we'll probably do. I personally miss the "stuff" too, and Mercury Records knows this well. Don't think we'll see a Cyrus, GaGa, etc. one of these anytime soon. We're a dying breed lol. My blu ray collection will be on eBay very soon before they become worth a nickel each, if that.
#15 - Posted 5/18/14 @11:03PM by chuteski [contact]

Should we talk about the 4114 gigs that someone mentioned on an earlier thread? It took me a while to digest the concept, but, I think it would be a cool idea even if it was just one show. 4215 just does not sound as cool. Maybe we could wish it into existence as a collective.
#14 - Posted 5/18/14 @3:19PM by CraigJ [contact]

Note to self: consume at least two cups of coffee prior to posting.
#13 - Posted 5/18/14 @1:22PM by jiminseattle [contact]

From start to finish, Grace Under Pressure is a killer LP. Definitely in my top 6 or 7 favs.
#12 - Posted 5/18/14 @10:41AM by CraigJ [contact]

#10 - I actually do. I still have ALL my old vinyl and CDs, and I make a point of buying certain things on physical media. I bought CA and read the liner notes and looked at the artwork. I didn't actually listen to the CD though, I listen to the lossless rip I made of it.

"The process of buying music today AND ENJOYING IT like we used too has disappeared. Kids today click a few buttons and magically they have music on their devices." I don't know that the process has disappeared. I immensely enjoy things digitally. And when you get right down to it, I think that roughly the same percentage of kids today really enjoy their music, because after all, what most kids (and people in general) simply "listen" to is what the market tells them is popular. I don't think most people don't really listen to it.

Here are some kids reacting to a Walkman: link Which is pretty much my response today... "Ah my grandpa has these!".
#11 - Posted 5/18/14 @10:00AM by joerock213 [contact]

I remember finding my parents 8-track down in the basement. That's the first time I heard Pink Floyd's The Wall. It played it slightly slower than the original which made it even more creepy. Mind=blown
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