Rush reference on last night's episode of Jeopardy!

Posted on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 10:04AM

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#16 - Posted 5/8/14 @12:28AM by cagster [contact]

Yes, because barbecue!
#15 - Posted 5/7/14 @2:13PM by LovLee [contact]

I do believe that i've come late to the party.... but i was the first to try to buzz in - but we all know how those pesky things are it must have stuck :(
#14 - Posted 5/7/14 @2:15AM by cakes and sparrows [contact]

Oops, that's for the documentary thread. Carry on, Jeopardy fans.
Does anyone notice they rhymed 'you' with 'you'?
#13 - Posted 5/7/14 @2:14AM by cakes and sparrows [contact]

A big thumbs down to the Rush sound-alike music.
#12 - Posted 5/6/14 @11:32PM by chuteski [contact]

Because fingers. Because hunger. Because barbecue.
#11 - Posted 5/6/14 @10:30PM by CraigJ [contact]

'How can we eat?', 'Why do we eat?', 'Where shall we have lunch?"
#10 - Posted 5/6/14 @9:50PM by Lamb Saag [contact]

Whereas a great portion of the population watch Jeopardy, the writers must often "throw the dog a bone" and give an easy question. If every question were difficult to answer, viewers would tune away to watch "Entertainment Tonight" or some other tripe. (Hey, I LOVE Jeopardy, so no complaints here!)

Capital of Latvia? ...What is Riga?

: )
#9 - Posted 5/6/14 @6:42PM by limelighter [contact]

thanks ed for letting me post this. it will be a rocking good night. period. the end.
#8 - Posted 5/6/14 @6:41PM by limelighter [contact]

the zeppelin tribute band are call NO QUARTER.
I heard that both bands are INCREDIBLE.

Here is the setlist that they will play (at least they did a few weeks ago)

set 1

red barchetta
spirit of radio
closer to the heart
new world man
tears???? shocked me too!!!
the camera eye

set 2

R30 medley
in the mood
analog kid
the pass
the trees
tom sawyer
headlong flight
working man

not a bad setlist if i say so myself.
#7 - Posted 5/6/14 @6:25PM by limelighter [contact]

sorry---off topic---on friday may 9 if you are in the toronto or surrounding area the rockpile will be hosting a double bill of a led zeppelin tribute and the encore will be the tribute band MY FAVOURITE HEADACHE (rush tribute). doors open at 7 00. music commences at around 8 30. party ends when the last person leaves. 10 bucks at the door.
#6 - Posted 5/6/14 @5:00PM by snowdog20 [contact]

There have been a couple of answers in the past concerning Rush. I believe one was something like "Geddy Lee fronts this trio of Canadians".
#5 - Posted 5/6/14 @3:43PM by djc2112 [contact]

Off topic, but I'm bored:

So, I started listening to Rush as a teenager thanks to Chronicles, and the Roll the Bones tour was my first.

Anyways, I've been to every concert except Counterparts (they didn't come to Portland) since then.

Here is a list of songs that I never thought I would have heard live:

ByTor and the Snow Dog
2112 (the whole thing)
Entre Nous
Natural Science
The Camera Eye
Digital Man
The Body Electric
Between the Wheels
Grand Designs
Middletown Dreams
The Pass
Where's My Thing

Here are some songs that I thought I would have heard by now:

Fly By Night
Cinderella Man
Jacob's Ladder
The Weapon

Songs that I'm surprised that they play repeatedly:

The Pass
Red Sector A
Force Ten

Before they quit, I hope to hear Vapor Trails live...probably too depressing for Neil to play nightly, though
#4 - Posted 5/6/14 @1:22PM by jaeger [contact]

And so, did the participant(s) get the answer right, or not?
#3 - Posted 5/6/14 @12:57PM by CraigJ [contact]

I read that as space invaders and answered "What is Atari?"
#2 - Posted 5/6/14 @12:48PM by DGTLMAN [contact]


I guess if Rush references are showing up on Jeopardy, they have truly arrived. Glad to see the boys getting some well-deserved respect.
#1 - Posted 5/6/14 @10:10AM by Denny Crane [contact]

I'm in bed when this comes on.


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