Rush ReDISCovered debut album LP box set release

Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 6:56AM

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#24 - Posted 5/3/14 @10:13PM by HighFidelityRob [contact]

Haha! Yes Craig! My favorite Seinfeld episode!
#23 - Posted 5/3/14 @7:31PM by CraigJ [contact]

Hootchie Mama!!!
#22 - Posted 5/2/14 @2:04PM by HighFidelityRob [contact]

Bring back Jerry Stiller...SERENITY NOW!!!
#21 - Posted 5/2/14 @10:40AM by CraigJ [contact]

Bring back Peter Henderson.
#20 - Posted 5/2/14 @8:32AM by Micky [contact]

Bring back Broone,
Bring Broone back,
Back Broone bring,
Back bring Broone,
Broone back bring,
Broone bring back...
#19 - Posted 5/2/14 @7:26AM by Will Collier [contact]

Alex, in an old interview by the infamous B-Man:

"[T]he original producer, David Stock... produced the first album in about two hours and it sounded like it was maybe done in two or three minutes."

#18 - Posted 4/30/14 @5:30PM by joerock213 [contact]

Great stuff Sphere, thanks!
#17 - Posted 4/30/14 @4:59PM by The Sphere [contact]

I should have added to my post below the credit that is printed up the right side edge of the chart:

Courtesy of Skip Daly from the upcoming book: "Wandering The Face Of The Earth - The Comprehensive Touring History Of Rush"

#16 - Posted 4/30/14 @4:47PM by The Sphere [contact]

#15 joerock213 - it is a chart of various band names and their personnel through time from 1965 to to the 1974 lineup we know and love. Here's a link to an phone photo I just took, hopefully in good enough resolution to read after you click on it and zoom in (first time uploading something to Google+, so I hope it works).


#15 - Posted 4/30/14 @3:34PM by joerock213 [contact]

Can someone post some pics of the Family Tree, etc. so we can get an idea of what it is?
#14 - Posted 4/30/14 @11:33AM by SpaceTrucker [contact]

Although I do have these songs in various formats, I was compelled to buy this 40th Anniversary edition of this record because it was such a game changer in my life and set me down a path of a lifetime of total RUSH fandem. I received my package yesterday and had the pleasure of opening and discovering it with my young adult son who is also a RUSH fan and who has seen them live with me numerous times. It was fun explaining what the record did for me and how it was the one and only and totally unique RUSH record before they started down a new path with Neil.

It was cool to see the label on the vinyl say Moon not Mercury and I discussed how they released it on their own label before being signed by Mercury. I also told him how the logo on my 1974 original sleeve was much more pink in color and I wondered if the first run of sleeves had the logo more red like the one I was holding in my hand. Anyway, I know some of you were disappointed with this release but it was something I had to have. Looking forward to seeing what the boys have in store for us in 2015.
#13 - Posted 4/30/14 @1:02AM by chutch15 [contact]

Got mine today!
#12 - Posted 4/29/14 @5:45PM by 1-2-bucklemyshoe [contact]

I am actually OK with the music as it is. Even though, as #8 says, the stuff is out there, it still remains a fact that this is the debut album from Rush.

I was more disappointed about the box, myself. I realize it is about the music, but I have all this music already, in several different versions. It would have been nice to have nice 40 page booklet or some nice trinkets.
#11 - Posted 4/29/14 @3:49PM by joerock213 [contact]

I think they should re-release their version of that song the Beatles did a few years ago, a song called Bad Boy.

#10 - Posted 4/29/14 @11:46AM by Will Collier [contact]

Certainly they could do more. To date they have declined to do so, and sadly, there's no reason to think that will change. I wish it was the other way around myself, but the band has always shunned any suggestion of "unreleased Rush tracks," to the point of saying there aren't any whenever the subject comes up.
#9 - Posted 4/29/14 @11:25AM by joerock213 [contact]

JRFlood you make excellent points. You are the Citizen of the Day
#8 - Posted 4/29/14 @11:21AM by JRFlood [contact]

Other than the presumed "demo" tracks and the complete Laura Secord video, this stuff IS out there. At the very least they could have issued a CD with Not Fade Away, Can't Fight It and Working Man Vault Edition as bonus tracks. And it wouldn't have been too much more effort to issue a high res version of the original album.

Look at landmark reissues by other legacy bands and compare them to Anthem's releases. Then ask yourself if Anthem could be doing more.
#7 - Posted 4/29/14 @9:36AM by Will Collier [contact]

As much as I'd love to have those bonus discs, if that stuff isn't out there, it's because the guys don't want it out there. Period, dot. Danniels would release their grocery lists if he could get permission to do so.
#6 - Posted 4/29/14 @9:15AM by Denny Crane [contact]

@ #5

Yeah, kinda weak celebration of such a milestone event. It is strange to me that the RUSH machine let this big event slide by rather modestly. Given the smart business acumen of Mr. Ray Danniels you'd think this 40th anniversary event could have been a better thought out effort.

#5 - Posted 4/29/14 @8:56AM by JRFlood [contact]

When I heard about a 40th anniversary reissue of the debut Rush album, I imagined how GREAT this release could be!


The debut album digitally remastered from the original master tapes (Never sounded better on CD)!

Bonus disc of rarities:
Not Fade Away (Side A of the 1973 first single)
Can't Fight It (Side B of the 1973 first single)
Working Man (2008 "Vault Edition" alternate-master track)
Slaughterhouse (Demo from Alex Lifeson's "lost and found reels" per Alex in the January 23, 2009 issue of Guitar International)
Run Willie Run (Demo from Alex Lifeson's "lost and found reels" per Alex in the January 23, 2009 issue of Guitar International)
Garden Road (Demo from Alex Lifeson's "lost and found reels" per Alex in the January 23, 2009 issue of Guitar International)

The complete 1974 Laura Secord Secondary School live concert video (Discovered 2009 in Anthem's archives during the making of "Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage" documentary)
The debut album in high resolution DVD Audio

Contrast this imaginary version with the actual release containing a vinyl LP (featuring NO bonus tracks), some posters and publicity photos in a fancy box - for *only* $35.99 USD.

Which release is more appealing?

I prefer rare tracks and unseen concert footage over posters and gimmicks. Remember, it's about the MUSIC.
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