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Posted on Friday, April 25, 2014 at 12:45PM

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#88 - Posted 6/20/14 @8:40AM by freewilly [contact]

Geddy I absolutely agree on QUEEN...
Here's some magical 3,5 minutes from their Budapest concert in '86...
#87 - Posted 5/1/14 @3:45PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Tool kicks ass! Don't know where that came from but had to share.
#86 - Posted 5/1/14 @1:31PM by CraigJ [contact]

Bring back Peter Henderson
#85 - Posted 4/29/14 @3:35PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Agreed Craig. I don't know why opinions cannot be voiced without being so critical of others said opinions. Clockwork to me is in my top 10 favorite albums by any band at any time. Why I feel the need to legitimize that belief is beyond me. Agree to disagree and leave it at that. Respect for others is my main point. I don't care if you don't agree, I do care when personal attacks prevail.
#84 - Posted 4/29/14 @1:52PM by CraigJ [contact]

"I recognize that music 20 years prior to that was superior."


"Otherwise music students should just learn Justin Bieber songs in place of Mozart, and we can pretend that everything is equivalent"

Well, no. that statement does not follow from the first. As long as I can remember there has been top 40 crap, which I consider to be over-produced, manufactured garbage. On this I think we can agree. Unless you're suggesting that Clockwork Angels is the musical equivalent of Justin Bieber, then no, we do not agree.
#83 - Posted 4/29/14 @12:03AM by joerock213 [contact]

I was in high school when T4E came out. Of course I feel a connection to that album. However, I also have ears and a brain. I recognize that music 20 years prior to that was superior. We should decipher between musically superior works. Otherwise music students should just learn Justin Bieber songs in place of Mozart, and we can pretend that everything is equivalent. Sorry, no, some art rises above the rest.
#82 - Posted 4/28/14 @10:35PM by clockworkingman [contact]

I have a good friend with 2 sons, aged 11 and 13 and to them, CA is The Rush Album. They like a lot of the older material but CA came out at a time in their lives when they were just able to embrace it as their own. One of them even played the Wreckers at a school concert! I think it's pretty cool.

Who knows what they'll think if the album down the road but I don't see any reason why the album wouldn't continue to hold a special place in their hearts and imaginations as they age. CA was also their first Rush concert.
#81 - Posted 4/28/14 @4:12PM by jiminseattle [contact]

My question would be why can't this student enjoy playing both songs without discerning which is better or not?
#80 - Posted 4/28/14 @4:06PM by CraigJ [contact]

#79 - The student probably doesn't have the same cognitive or memory development as you and is likely not at the same stage of those, or life, as you are. So that's a risky bet. A lot of why we like what we like has to do with memory development and repetition and long term associative memory. This is why, for example, my father likes different music than I do and thinks the music he grew up with is "better". What he really likes is how that music makes him feel vis-a-vis the associated memories it dredges up.

Or so I'm told.
#79 - Posted 4/28/14 @8:21AM by joerock213 [contact]

cpb- The Anarchist has good moments. Now talk to your student in 2 or 3 years and see which song he can play from memory from beginning to end: Red Barchetta or The Anarchist. You can guess which one I'd bet on.
#78 - Posted 4/28/14 @2:57AM by cpb [contact]

Just wanted to mention that I'm a guitar teacher and I have a 9-year old student who saw the CA tour with his dad, and has begged me to teach him two songs: "Red Barchetta" and "The Anarchist".

So it looks like SOMEONE heard a song on CA that made them want to pick up an instrument.
#77 - Posted 4/28/14 @2:00AM by musicofthespheres [contact]

for me, none of it matters without lyrics, and lyrical themes, and stories, which the instrumental and vocal melodies can enhance.

I'm diggin the Cosmos series, and mentioned earlier the Cygnus-X1 shout out. Tonight Neil opened with "In a world lit only by fire". And I think several times he's mentioned many "possible worlds".

That series is all about the cosmos and earth and the interrelatedness of it all, and so too with Rush records I say. They're all snapshots of the band during certain periods of their career, but they're all influenced by what came before and they're all trying to get somewhere new.

And of course we see that interrelatedness with CA. There are the musical tributes to past records (Bastille Day, of course, and I think folks have heard others), and I see lots of lyrical relations to past records too. Scars = bolt from the blue, Mystic Rhythms = hint at more than we can see/spiritual machinery, Earthshine is maybe in Clockwork Angels too, and the Roll the Bones record is in Carnies (wheel of fate/game of chance).

Blah blah blah. Point being, I can't pick a favorite or "best" record (except for whatever the most recent might be, like I said below), cuz they are related and all part of an epic 40 yr story, so far.
#76 - Posted 4/28/14 @1:31AM by CraigJ [contact]

Although I will say the version of Red Sector A on the live disc is spectacular. The strings really to add to that song in a very good way, probably more so than any of the other songs. On YYZ for example, they seem to be adding texture to what's already there, but on RSA they add dramatic counterpoints that I quite like.
#75 - Posted 4/28/14 @12:33AM by CraigJ [contact]

I like those songs a lot, but to actually listen to them I need to listen to the studio versions and run it through a low-pass filter... The live versions sound OK, but the drums and the bass are a bit buried in the mix, or conversely, the vocals and the guitar are a bit to high in the mix.

Musically I will agree that that sequence is outstanding. The only complaint I have as it were is that there is so much bass in the recording that listening to it requires a fair bit of fiddling with the settings on my equipment. Personally I'd prefer less texture at the low end, because I don't have $2,500 speakers. Not everything needs to go to eleven guys... can't wait for Clockwork Angels Remastered!
#74 - Posted 4/27/14 @10:23PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I am listening to the live CA dvd right now and how can anybody not love the three in a row of CA, the Anarchist and Carnies. Beyond the pale but as I have stated many times everyone has their own tastes and I am totally cool with that. That is my opinion and Enigmaticus love your insight.
#73 - Posted 4/27/14 @10:15PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I had posted this quite a while ago:

I have just a few more comments about Rush:

#125 - Posted 4/23/13 @10:02AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Shall we get back to the earlier subject, please?

I had just read the Allmusic Guide's Discography for Rush. It appears that they have not yet become enlightened, unfortunately.

I was glad to hear that David Wild has finally eaten his words. It has taken over 2 decades to make this a reality, but now since Rush is now a member of the Rock & Roll pantheon, it was worth it.

Now, as to the ratings on the Rush discography:
Firstly, let's divide their recordings into 5 distinct periods.

The Early Period

Rush ***
Fly By Night *** 1/2
Caress Of Steel *****
2112 ****
All The World's A Stage *** 1/2

The Middle Period

A Farewell To Kings **** 1/2
Hemispheres *****
Permanent Waves *****
Moving Pictures *****
Exit... Stage Left *****

The Early Modern Period

Signals *****
Grace Under Pressure ****
Power Windows *****
Hold Your Fire ****
A Show Of Hands ****

The Middle Modern Period

Presto *****
Roll The Bones *****
Counterparts ****
Test For Echo ****1/2
Different Stages *****

The Late Modern Period

Vapor Trails ****1/2
Rush In Rio ****
Feedback (EP) ****
R30 *****
Snakes & Arrows *****
Snakes & Arrows Live *****
Time Machine Tour ****
Clockwork Angels *****
Clockwork Angels Live *****

#68 - Posted 4/20/13 @7:11PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Ladies and gentlemen, I can certainly understand your frustration over Rush being snubbed for induction for 15 years. As I have said numerous times before, I have supported their induction since the very beginning. I have to wonder if Jann Wenner was the individual responsible though. From what I have read, it has been critic David Wild who had allegedly detested Rush from the very beginning. Of course, Wild was quick to praise Foreigner, Bad Company and even after a while, Heart- their "Behind The Music Remastered" episodes attest to that fact.

In Jann Wenner's defense, I would like to mention the 2nd Rolling Stone Record Guide (the blue one) from 1983, wherein John Swenson had given most of Rush's albums 3 & 4 stars, respectively. I feel that a critical reevaluation of Rush's discography is definitely in order. Critic Greg Prato, from the Allmusic Guide needs to amend their discography and his review of "Exit.. Stage Left" is completely unwarranted.

If I were to rate Rush's discography (of studio and live albums), I would give most of them 5 stars, These include the following : (Caress Of Steel, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Exit.. Stage Left, Signals, Power Windows, Presto, Roll The Bones, Different Stages, R30, Snakes & Arrows, Snakes & Arrows Live, Clockwork Angels
& the upcoming Clockwork Angels Tour.

4 1/2 stars to: A Farewell To Kings, Test For Echo & Vapor Trails
4 stars to: 2112, Grace Under Pressure, Hold Your Fire, Counterparts, Rush In Rio and the Time Machine Tour.
3 1/2 stars to: Fly By Night & All The World's A Stage
3 stars to: Rush

What are your opinions?
#72 - Posted 4/27/14 @10:00PM by sdb1001001 [contact]

I like songs off of every album; even Feedback, but what has always brought me back is the '75-'85 stuff. CA changed that a bit.
Give me By-Tor
The Necromancer
La Villa (ESL version)
Xanadu (ESL version)
Natural Science
Red Barchetta
The Camera Eye
The Weapon
Distant Early Warning
Grand Designs
Headlong Flight
Like me your favorite recording is E...SL, but do you realize that most of the songs on that record are in your bottom 13 albums? Interesting.
#71 - Posted 4/27/14 @8:29PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Enigmaticus; surprised to see A Farewell to Kings at the bottom or near the bottom of your list. Love the album and especially the title track but it is cool. J
#70 - Posted 4/27/14 @8:12PM by Enigmaticus [contact]


Those are my least favorite Rush recordings. Other than 'Lessons,' 'Stick It Out' and most of the songs on the first album, I enjoy most of Rush's repertoire.
#69 - Posted 4/27/14 @4:32PM by clockworkingman [contact]

#63 yeah it isn't right that Geddy doesn't actually at that sweet bass line live on the clockwork angels tour. And it's even more not right that he pretends to play it on the CA DVD. That actually pisses me off every time I see it!
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