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Posted on Friday, March 21, 2014 at 1:22PM

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#27 - Posted 3/24/14 @8:22PM by netjes [contact]

Let's start at Best I Can and Making Memories.
#26 - Posted 3/24/14 @8:21PM by netjes [contact]

Let's start at Best I Can and Making Memories.
#25 - Posted 3/24/14 @4:28PM by Most Endangered Species [contact]

More RUSH is always better, but if "It's a measure of a life" becomes the final RUSH lyric ever recorded then that's a helluva way to go out.
#24 - Posted 3/23/14 @4:06PM by random_sample [contact]

#22- , Thanks ,Jupe. Agreed, on your post too. We shall see/ hear. ;)
#23 - Posted 3/23/14 @12:48PM by Pat R [contact]

That's a good point, CPB. Rolling Stone is no doubt thawing out it's long distain of RUSH. Regardless of the reason, let's be happy that the band we love is finally getting its due...and doing it the right way!
#22 - Posted 3/23/14 @10:58AM by jupeguy [contact]

agreed.good post random. I for one hope that even after they find the grind of touring is too much for them that they still write songs and put out albums.Usually in the back of their minds they are thinking "ok we have to try and reproduce this live". Without that restriction on them they can probably come out with some pretty wild stuff! Maybe that one "perfect" song(that Ged has said has eluded them) is in the writing/recording and not the reproducing live.
#21 - Posted 3/23/14 @10:51AM by anotherrushfan [contact]

It would be great but Al has a bit of a chequered history of jumping the gun with talk about the band's plans.

I'll believe it when it's official.
#20 - Posted 3/23/14 @9:20AM by random_sample [contact]

I remember back in the late 80's ( when I was around 18-19 yrs old) thinking I would be surprised if Rush was still around as a band,in 10 years. Wow, was I ever wrong (and obviously a lot more naive, at that age).
Seems to me that all bets are off, really. It's totally up to them (and obviously their health) how much longer they go, before calling it a day. I see someone like Ian Anderson (who I am not sure of his age, but I am assuming he is at least 5 years older than the guys in Rush) coming out with a new album and tour ..and there are some others in that age bracket ,doing it too (I just use Ian Anderson as an example, because I think he's great).
As far as touring goes, with Rush, I think Geddy's voice might be a big factor , then again, I noticed his voice not sounding right (on tour, not on recorded material) back as far as Time Machine tour, and they have done an album and tour ,since, so maybe it's not noticeable to them- I dunno. (I think his voice sounds fine on album ,though)
Personally, because of Geddy's voice, on tour, I think I would rather hear new music from Rush , but I know there are many who wouldn't have that preference.
#19 - Posted 3/23/14 @9:19AM by mysticbeat [contact]

PS, I voted and will keep on as long as I can.
#18 - Posted 3/23/14 @9:17AM by mysticbeat [contact]

I don't get so worked up over set lists this early on. But since suggestions are already coming in from seems like most, I want to add my wish list.

La Villa w some kind of Alex humor thrown in.
Something from VT
#17 - Posted 3/23/14 @12:36AM by newwman [contact]

For myself, i was really hoping they'd do one more record and then tour instead of some 40th (something) tour. I love new music from Rush. Hopefully, it is still a possibility to put together a sweet record in 2015! How cool would that be - to have a new album, besides a show playing older songs never played before? A sincere fan would value that scenario more than any. Father time is creeping in, and that would be the greatest way to culminate some things (in my eyes). Rush always does what I think they might not be able to, and this could be the Grand Finale ( quite possibly). RUSH will rock for centuries beyond comprehension never-the-less.


Endlessly Rocking
#16 - Posted 3/22/14 @11:02PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Wow 14, love it. Especially Natural Science to begin the show. Probably will never happen but that is a killer setlist.
#15 - Posted 3/22/14 @10:05PM by kennyplay1 [contact]

Oh I forgot, BRING BACK THE BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
#14 - Posted 3/22/14 @10:00PM by kennyplay1 [contact]

Ok, here we GO!!!!!!!!!!! This is my songs choices for 2015. In no particular order, as of right now. I will try that later. Holy crap, this is awesome.. I'm freaking out!

Natural Science
Double Agent
Bytor/Snow Dog
A Farewell to Kings
Between the Wheels
Super Conductor
The Weapon
Enemy Within
Brought up to Believe
Jacobs Ladder
The Trees
Lakeside Park
Spirit of Radio
Garden Road
Main Monkey Business
The Garden
Tom Sawyer
The way the Wind Blows
The Anarchist
Headlong Flight
#13 - Posted 3/22/14 @8:56PM by G2112 [contact]

"Rarer material" Sounds promising. Just gotta wish they will be visiting Europe. Last concert was epic.
#12 - Posted 3/22/14 @8:21PM by Watchmaker9 [contact]

#9 to your point, gone are the days where you could follow a reviewer that had similar taste as yours and know with a small degree of certainty something was worth your time checking out.

I think the 41st anni should should be all medley like at the end of the RTB's tour: 2112" (Overture)/Finding My Way"/"La Villa Strangiato"/"Anthem"/"Red Barchetta"/"The Spirit of Radio"

Except rarer: I think I'm going bald/losing it/available light/twilight zone/everyday glory/I think I'm going balder

yeah...something like that
#11 - Posted 3/22/14 @1:52PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

regarding #4 Mr Shred....see post #4 and do it every hour that you can!!!! You can vote multiple times. Limelight needs your help!!!!
#10 - Posted 3/22/14 @1:15PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Great news this week for Rush fans and a nice blog by Neil. So Sweet. Rush!!!
#9 - Posted 3/22/14 @12:04PM by CraigJ [contact]

The fundamental problem I have with Rolling Stone and publications like it is that they come from a perspective of being the arbiters of good taste, that what they like is good and tasteful, and what they don't like is crap. It doesn't matter what that happens to be - movies, music, etc. At the end of the day it's subjective and it's all someone's (often ill-informed) opinion. I've never really understood the idea that people need to be told what is good when it comes to subjective things like music. And in my not so humble opinion, Jann Wenner has horrible taste and is a hack.

This is why I like the internet. I can explore new things on my own without the filter of radio stations or magazines.
#8 - Posted 3/22/14 @11:02AM by cpb [contact]

#6: I think "not long ago" may not be so accurate, and it's part of a disconnect I feel with other Rush fans who maybe haven't taken into account the generation shifts. Rolling Stone is NOT staffed by a bunch of new wave-embracing dolts who hate Rush - THAT was awhile ago! The new music journalists grew up with Rush, often with fond memories, so they don't have the same axe to grind.

It's up to US to update our view of music journalism, I believe.
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