Prog magazine Signals feature with new Alex Lifeson interview now online

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 10:28AM

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#48 - Posted 2/17/14 @11:04AM by simon r

Odd that this has come up again. I personally love the keyboards on Signals and Power Windows so agree with Geddy on this one. I think the keyboards adds another layer to the music of the band and not just be a hard rock band.UFO an example with Paul Raymond`s keyboards on Love to Love and other tracks.
Sorry Alex dont agree with you on this. You can still hear Alex`s solos loud and clear. I think they both complement each other brilliantly.
#47 - Posted 2/17/14 @7:09AM by jupeguy [contact]

agreed mg. Signals was my first Rush concert(I was 16) and Countdown was just amazing live. Have always really liked Countdown and don't understand the negs. it gets from the band or fans.
#46 - Posted 2/16/14 @10:30AM by MGRushFan

I find it strange that Rush distances themselves from Countdown. To me, that is one of their greatest songs. It has everything. A modern Jacobs Ladder feel for the intro, an amazing amount of musical tension and release, plus those great synth solos. I always loved that song.
#45 - Posted 2/15/14 @6:45PM by ted1001001 [contact]

Hi all,

I was surprised to read that the original pressing of Signals has an extended version of Countdown with a one-minute reprise of The Analog Kid at the end ?!? Running time is 6:49. I had the original LP at one time, but it has long since been replaced by the CD version which has the 5:49 version of Countdown. :-(

Does anyone know where this can be found?

#44 - Posted 2/14/14 @2:10PM by Alexfan [contact]

Jimmy, I'm with you - whatever they do, I will love.

But when the topic comes up, I definitely have opinions.
#43 - Posted 2/14/14 @12:34PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Shit, I love it all. I don't care who is behind the boards as long as the three men of Rush are a jammin. I've only been listening to music for 45 years but honestly I choose not to distinguish the producers as we the fans can do nothing about it.
#42 - Posted 2/14/14 @12:25PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Ah and this is what makes the Rush world go round. Love Snakes and Clockwork Angels.
#41 - Posted 2/14/14 @12:19PM by Alexfan [contact]

I wish there was an "edit" button too sometimes....

It is pretty hard to not correlate the departure of Broon with the dynamic change in music...

One could argue, they dispatched Terry because they were changing - like it or not, or that because Terry was gone, they strayed too far from where they should have been, but in any case, most would agree that we all thank God they met Terry Brown in the first place, and that he took them as far as he did.

In my fantasy, they would do a concept album, on the principle that everything returns, 360 degrees. The circle of life, etc. And in this fantasy, Broon is behind the board. That would be awesome. No more bass chords, no more wall of noise. Alex would be playing melodic clean arpeggios, Geddy and Neil would be providing some wicked rhythmic backdrops, and the soundscape would be clean and crisp, with lots of room. I can dream right?
#40 - Posted 2/14/14 @12:06PM by MGRushFan

I can sum it up in 3 words.

"Bring Back Broon"


"Broon, Bring Back."


"Back, Bring Broon."

Down with the soul-killing effects of the song killer commonly known as "Bouussgggeeeejjjeke"
#39 - Posted 2/14/14 @11:46AM by drummerboy2112

I meant,

'I'd say there were many other bands *AT THE TIME*, whose final..." 1st para

"But compare that, with Terry's body of work *AS A PRODUCER* outside..." 3rd

'Without it, but excluding everything past 1987, you *DONT* get BTLS," in the last paragraph

sorry should have proof read
#38 - Posted 2/14/14 @11:40AM by drummerboy2112

Thanks IanHarris, Alexfan

So when you have Alex, this incredible talent, and have been in front, and occasionally behind, a soundboard for years, you might think you can do it better, or may know better than a producer, such as Broon. Maybe Alex thought he knew better, but how much better would the CD have turned out, or does it matter...the song is the song. The Beatles recorded on a 2 track, then 4 track, but it doesnt matter if there were 8,12,16, or if the guitars were up down or whatever, the SONGS were what pushed the appeal, not so much the production at first. I'd say there were many other bands whose final product sounded better than any Beatles record in terms of clarity and sound.

Either way, we know Alex's thoughts on his solo effort and how that exercise turned out. I'd love to hear Broon's thoughts on Victor.

Also, let's see what Alex's track record is when it comes to producing. He's done some in the past, and will do some more that will be released shortly. But compare that, with Terry's body of work outside of Rush and Max Webster.

1982 Lawrence Gowan Gowan
1987 Silent Running Walk on Fire
1989 Lizzy Borden Master Of Disguise
1991 Fates Warning Parallels
1991 Voivod Angel Rat
1991 The Kite The Kite
1994 Moist Silver
1997 Fates Warning A Pleasant Shade of Gray
2000 Fates Warning Disconnected
2004 Tiles Window Dressing
2005 Cutting Crew Grinning Souls
2007 Puppet Show Tale of Woe
2008 Tiles Fly Paper (2008)

Not that great either, to me anyways. So it goes without saying this is another example of the sum greater than the parts, and that original team was UNSTOPPABLE. Too many what if's, futile in my eyes.

Nick, with all due respect to his grammy's etc, may be coming from a less than optimal genre/mindset to direct Rush specifically, IMHO. Maybe he doesn't mind the drastic difference of Ged and Neil to the way it used to be, and trying to do the best he can. Or it's not possible to ask to change it, not sure obviously.

Obviously, even tho they will release new CD's, Ray knows how the bread is buttered, and its on the back of Terry's work with the band. Without it, but excluding everything past 1987, you get BTLS, I Love you man, VW commercials, movie premieres, walk of fames, hall of fames, and the list goes on and on...
#37 - Posted 2/14/14 @7:03AM by joerock213 [contact]

I wonder what parts Alex is referring to in Signals that he didn't like. It kind of reminds me of George Lucas looking back on the original episodes of Star Wars and editing in complete bullsheet because that's "what he had wanted to do if the technology or money existed". However, the art belongs to us as fans now who have grown up with it. I think Signals is perfect. All the "hit" songs from that album feature very memorable guitar parts and licks. Don't you think?
#36 - Posted 2/13/14 @11:34PM by tasman7 [contact]

I hate Sector 3, to me it's all been stuffed round with. I bought it for Signals hoping for a decent stereo mix and was really disappointed. There is a Rush - Gold compilation with three Signals tracks; Subdivisions, The Analog Kid and New World Man, think they boosted the volume to match the Power Windows tracks but they sound miles better than the Sector 3 versions.
#35 - Posted 2/13/14 @11:09PM by CraigJ [contact]

I am always most critical of myself and my "team". I don't care what the other team is doing.

ie I've listened to all the Rush albums and seen them live enough times to have an informed opinion. I don't care what Katy Perry or Justin Bieber (to name some examples) are doing so why be critical?

And just because someone has criticisms doesn't mean you are a troll or a hater or that you think you could do it better - You don't have to be a chef to know that the steak isn't medium rare.
#34 - Posted 2/13/14 @9:31PM by jiminseattle [contact]

So as to further explain: Clockwork Angels is my favorite Rush album of all time, I have made that clear on many occasions. I think the degree of difficulty was evident to me. Geddy even mentioned that playing The Anarchist live would be a "bitch".
#33 - Posted 2/13/14 @9:26PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Great article. I think the songs from those "synth" years come across live better than they do on the albums. Just me. On the other hand this last tour I could tell the Clockwork material was difficult to reproduce, again just me.
#32 - Posted 2/13/14 @7:25PM by jaeger [contact]

The more mixes, the better. But "if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with..."
#31 - Posted 2/13/14 @7:23PM by Alexfan [contact]

I think the biggest reason most of us feel like we are entitled to be critical, is because in some sense, we feel we have some ownership in it all. We've been fans for so long, invested so much passion, and knew so much about them, when it wasn't easy to do so.

When a casual listener is critical, that is a totally different thing than say a thirty or forty year diehard fan complaining about a mix. These criticisms aren't meant as barbs, they are almost as inert as self-reflection. At least that's how I see it.
#30 - Posted 2/13/14 @7:19PM by Alexfan [contact]

Great post Drummerboy.
#29 - Posted 2/13/14 @5:59PM by Denny Crane [contact]

#26 drummerboy

Rush, ruined by a 90 year old... brother, that there is a real honest-to-goodness statement worthy of a good knock-out drag-down all-nighter.

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