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Posted on Friday, January 17, 2014 at 12:32PM

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#49 - Posted 1/20/14 @2:46PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Yeah Richard was out of control but in the end we won. I am pissed about the fan (s) who threw food at Navarro Bowman after his injury, now that is classless.

Go Rush!!
#48 - Posted 1/20/14 @11:05AM by limelighter [contact]

wow, that richard sherman is such a class act.
i will be smashing denver at -1. russell wilson will be one nervous guy on the field.
rush rocks. period. the end.
#47 - Posted 1/19/14 @9:51PM by CraigJ [contact]

I like TFE (the song and the album). Never got the dislike for the title track. Virtuosity, well the music is great but the lyrics are somewhat cringe worthy. Dog Years makes me too sad to listen to it. I'd have to say Driven is my favorite song ion that album, and I particularly like the live version with Geddy's mini bass solo.

According to the book "Contents Under Pressure", this song was partly inspired by then-tourmates Kiss. Geddy Lee explains on page 32: "We were touring a lot with Kiss in those days and they had a song called "I Think I'm Going Blind" (actual title was "Goin' Blind", from Kiss' Hotter Than Hell album). So we were kind of taking the piss out of that title by just coming up with this." Lee goes on to explain that the title originated with drummer Neil Peart, who was making light of the fact that Alex Lifeson was constantly worried about the future possibility of going bald, often employing "all kinds of ingredients to put on his scalp. And I think it just got Neil thinking about aging..."

Alex is a seer.
#46 - Posted 1/19/14 @8:38PM by clockworkingman [contact]

For sure! A pedlar 1 and 2 and bu2b2 medley would kick some serious ass!

Ahh, test for echo. Has the band ever expressed their dislike for that song? I don't think they've played it since 97. It's a good song, but I think so much of what came after was so much better.
#45 - Posted 1/19/14 @6:43PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Thanks Jupe, here we go!!!!
#44 - Posted 1/19/14 @6:34PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

I really have no rooting interest for any team in particular, closest to me would be Buffalo or Detroit but I'll cheer for the SeaHawks just for you buddy.
#43 - Posted 1/19/14 @6:10PM by jiminseattle [contact]


The Broncos just whaled and now it is our turn, this is going to be a physical ugly kind of game. Rush it Hawks (Seahawks)!!!
#42 - Posted 1/19/14 @6:08PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Big Atlanta Hawks fan are you Jim?
#41 - Posted 1/19/14 @6:07PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Actually the songs I want to see live more than any others are The Pedlar 1, The Pedlar 2, and BU2B2. They rock man!!
#40 - Posted 1/19/14 @2:08PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Lots of leg pulling going on here lately. Go Hawks!
#39 - Posted 1/19/14 @1:46PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

now you are pulling our legs Jim. Test For Echo!? lol very funny.
#38 - Posted 1/19/14 @1:33PM by jiminseattle [contact]

A Farewell to Kings would be epic live. It would be the second song on my setlist behind Test for Echo, I know.....I know.
#37 - Posted 1/19/14 @8:32AM by Doom2112 [contact]

I disagree with an acoustic set. Tai Shan would normally be a buzz kill but not after the drum solo. After they did Resist we expect them to give Neil a break. So it wouldn't be a big deal if they played Tai or Rivendell or something else. I think if they did a set of acoustic songs, that would really bring the crowd down.

As far as set lists go everyone has some great songs on their list. Available Light is my favorite song from Presto. I'd love to see them play Double Agent again. When they played it during the Counterparts tour and had the fire on the screen and on stage. Amazing visual! I'd love to see Countdown but with Neil's dislike for it, I doubt that will happen. And with their ages now, I Think I'm Going Bald would be perfect. Plus it would satisfy the people wanting them to play something from COS. Most people would probably not be expecting that to be the song they play. I'd also like to see them play Face Up and The Big Wheel.

There's just too many songs to choose from. And a lot of the older ones Geddy can't sing anymore.
#36 - Posted 1/19/14 @8:17AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Oh and hi Lisa!!
#35 - Posted 1/19/14 @8:16AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

All great choices. I have seen Chemistry,Countdown,Cold Fire,Double Agent,Animate,Driven and while it would be great to see them break any of those out again I would rather see some tunes they have never played.There are some older tunes that they have played before but I haven't seen live and I realize they don't like playing much of the older stuff anymore and maybe it's because Ged just can't sing some of them now but the tunes I would like to see live above all else would be A Farewell To Kings and Jacob's Ladder.Nice run on sentence there Jupe! Another couple of tunes that I think would be awesome live would be Freeze from VT and Time and Motion from T4E. There are just soooo many tunes where you think "wow, that would be good to hear live". I think they should just play every song for their next setlist. It would be about a 22 hr show but hey they should do it while they're still young!!LOL
#34 - Posted 1/19/14 @1:09AM by lisah [contact]

#32, I agree Jim!
#33 - Posted 1/19/14 @1:09AM by lisah [contact]

#31, Thanks for the agreement on the"acoustic set" idea. I for one always appreciate a kind word from any poster.Glad to see some new posters as well as the ones who've been around for a while. I hope you enjoy your time on here as much as I have. You always pick up new tidbits as well as staying on top of all the latest news weather and sports as Ed runs a great website. Rush On!
#32 - Posted 1/18/14 @11:56PM by jiminseattle [contact]

What is really cool #31 is to have new folks on here with such positive outlooks, welcome.
#31 - Posted 1/18/14 @11:33PM by clockworkingman [contact]

#27 great idea for a post drum solo acoustic set! That would be killer on the R41 tour.

Gotta say though, one thing I'd really like to hear them do with Ghost of a Chance is emphasize those loud/soft dynamics. Really make those loud parts crash...that would be wild!

I'm pretty new to posting on this site but it sure is cool to be able to have conversations like this, regarding all things Rush!
#30 - Posted 1/18/14 @8:02PM by CraigJ [contact]

Such diversity.

If we are talking about including songs from 90's Rush (and I kinda include HYF in there) Then I would choose:

Turn the Page
High Water
Anagram (because I love Blazing Saddles)
Driven (done before best song on TFE IMO)

On the other hand there is a lot of really old stuff that either hasn't been played since the 70s or has never been played.

In the End (one... two... buckle my shoe)
I Think I'm going Bald
Something For Nothing
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