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Posted on Friday, January 25, 2013 at 11:45AM

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#18 - Posted 1/27/13 @7:58AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#12- Ahhh...understandable. #14- Nice score!!! #16 Michinman of the ever changing avatars.....you crack me up dude!
#17 - Posted 1/26/13 @11:39PM by michinman [contact]

Please pardon the multiple articles "the the". No, I'm not neurotic, psychotic nor do I suffer from from any any permanent emotional, personality, mental or learning disorder (at least not that I know of :o). That said, I am under the influence of the Labatt Brewing Co. which probably explains my lazy English.
#16 - Posted 1/26/13 @11:28PM by michinman [contact]

"Anagram for Mongo...Anagram for Mongo..." I recall Ged quoting "Blazing Saddles" during his promotion for Presto waaaaaaay back. I never saw the the movie, but I'll take his word for it.

@Lamb Saag re: YOUR anagrams





All of them sound like to Rosie O'Donell to me.
#15 - Posted 1/26/13 @6:02PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Red jacket and the blue jeans, and sounds like a squadron playing. There's no word how to describe what they've done to me..just borrowed a vinyl from my cousin year 1979..;)
#14 - Posted 1/26/13 @4:58PM by killernj13 [contact]

#9 - did the VIP for the 1st leg in Newark and got 2nd row dead center.
#13 - Posted 1/26/13 @11:52AM by lisah [contact]

#12, We will hopefully be going to the Cincy show on July 2. Coming from Texas, going to try thr VIP Tour Packages, I think. It will be our first time, but if we get in at the first, I think we'll have pretty good shot at good seats. It is better than paying scalpers price for decent seats. Will be our 4th CA show. Already have tix for Austin. Can't wait. It's gonna be another great year! RUSH ON!
#12 - Posted 1/26/13 @11:17AM by dingus [contact]

#11, that was me. With me in Ohio and the show being in Baltimore, I'm not 100% sure that I'm going. So I'm not overly concerned about missing out on that seat. If it was a show that I knew for sure I was going to, believe me whe I tell you that I would've been all over that ticket!!
#11 - Posted 1/26/13 @6:51AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

I have had three VIP tickets and never been closer than row 9.Others were row 12 and row 15 yay!So the post by the guy who got row 3 and threw them back hoping to get something better really had me wondering???Not trying to insult a fellow Rushian but......DUH!!!
#10 - Posted 1/26/13 @12:27AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#9 - A friend of mine bought VIP for Edmonton show last year right on the minute VIP opened. He must have been first because we got front row, centre stage. Actually centre of the stage ran between my seat and his. It was a night I will never forget, nor could I replicate.
#9 - Posted 1/25/13 @10:32PM by dprada [contact]

Im excited as I bought two VIP tix within two minutes of the presale starting for me and my son. Im disappointed cause I have no idea what kind of seat I will get and just found out I wont know until I pick up the tickets the day of the show... they claim first come first serve.... What is the general consensus with the VIP presale- are they up close/choice seats or all they all 15 row way to the side? Were most VIP buyers happy with the seats last leg of tour? thanks
#8 - Posted 1/25/13 @6:48PM by jaeger [contact]

#4 Somehow "LUX GLOVE TERRORS FOUNTAINHEAD" makes me think of Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul.
#7 - Posted 1/25/13 @6:10PM by nhlrush [contact]

#5, if you read the email that was sent out it listed cities with no dates that they will play when they return from europe...

Hershey, Saratoga, Wantagh (jones beach), Halifax, Grand Rapids, Cincy, Chicago, Milwaukee, Vancouver, Calgary, Portland, Denver, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Boston....

My only surprise with all this is the lack of shows out west including LA, Bay area, Reno, Vegas, Albuqueque, Phoenix, and the omission of some of the midwest cities....

most likely Toronto and another show up north to be added....I doubt Radio City at this point but you never know...
#6 - Posted 1/25/13 @4:27PM by snowdog20 [contact]

#4... Nice work.
#5 - Posted 1/25/13 @2:42PM by killernj13 [contact]

#3 - the odd thing about the announcement (and I do believe someone else mentioned this) is in the announcement it stated a 20 + city tour of North America this year. So this only has 9 dates. There is not enough time between May 11 & when they leave for Europe to add 11 dates to the spring tour.

So I assume the 20+ includes the summer dates?

With all that said there obviously will be more dates so lets hope for RCMH.

If you remember from R30 the RCMH dates were announced after the intial round of tour dates so maybe there is a pattern.
#4 - Posted 1/25/13 @2:36PM by Lamb Saag [contact]

In honor of Rush's long overdue return to Halifax, here are some anagrams of Rush's "long overdue return to Halifax" -plus one extra 's'...





: )
#3 - Posted 1/25/13 @1:37PM by hazlnut [contact]

So, no Radio City?
#2 - Posted 1/25/13 @11:57AM by mark one [contact]

## 2
#1 - Posted 1/25/13 @11:51AM by dedlift [contact]

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