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Posted on Friday, January 18, 2013 at 12:33PM

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#17 - Posted 1/22/13 @1:14AM by edm2112 [contact]

Dates are up, although i'm puzzled by the tour package link..
#16 - Posted 1/21/13 @9:13PM by The_king_will_Neil [contact]

RE: #11, Rush beat Aerosmith 3-to-1. They're currently leading Van Halen by the same margin; votes go on thru Sunday.
#15 - Posted 1/19/13 @12:40PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

#14, I have seen Rush 3 times in concert, once every 10 years. My first Rush concert was at an outdoor venue in 1992 during the "Roll The Bones" tour. My second Rush concert was in 2002, during the "Vapor Trails" tour, it was also an outdoor show. My third Rush concert was on November 25, 2012, at an indoor concert on the "Clockwork Angels" tour. Which concert do you think that I had enjoyed the most?
#14 - Posted 1/19/13 @12:12PM by Rob [contact]

Glad to see these rumored dates are outdoor shows.........finally!

Sorry...indoor shows suck.
#13 - Posted 1/18/13 @11:59PM by michinman [contact]

#2 Agree with you. Why listen to that when you can listen to the original? But I respect Anthrax's effort. I would say a B+ cover. Also, I'm a stickler for accuracy - "A funeral dirge FOR eyes gone blind." not "...WITH eyes gone blind" Also #2... I think Alex must have been doing some work on the tour bus. They look like overalls to me :o)
#12 - Posted 1/18/13 @11:19PM by kjbird [contact]

#10...no joke. I am hoping that rumor proves to be true...Riverbend would be truly AWESOME!!!!!
#11 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:21PM by The_king_will_Neil [contact]

Regarding the Ultimate Classic Rock Bowl, remember that you can vote once per hour, thru Sunday (assuming anyone cares about these stupid votes).
#10 - Posted 1/18/13 @9:50PM by Rob [contact]

Awesome news about Riverbend if it's true.
#9 - Posted 1/18/13 @6:59PM by jaeger [contact]

#7 This story sounds like an example of the impetus for "Wish Them Well."
#8 - Posted 1/18/13 @5:08PM by Rob [contact]

#7 I think you hit the nail on the head.

Another glaring clue this interview with Alex is from 77 is the Double-neck guitar.

It's actually the one that got crushed later.
#7 - Posted 1/18/13 @5:01PM by Tough Soul [contact]

Is that Brocklehurst blog for real? The amount of detail seems to suggest it is, but the account of Neil using cocaine just doesn't sound right--not because I am sensitive about its use, it just seems out-of-character. Other stories, if true, also read like breaches of trust. Perhaps this is why NP doesn't speak to the guy anymore.
#6 - Posted 1/18/13 @4:59PM by Rob [contact]

Wasn't Chromey retired before AFTK?
#5 - Posted 1/18/13 @1:18PM by drmike [contact]

I like the Anthrax cover too. Thrashified it a bit and the singing doesn't sound out of place--and not merely trying to duplicate Geddy (something nobody has been able to do) but the beginning seemed a bit mechanistic to me. Definitely worth a few more listens.
#4 - Posted 1/18/13 @12:54PM by ed100769 [contact]

I have never been the biggest Anthrax fun BUT this cover of Anthem is awesome, the Working Man Tribute didnt do it for me, This one however AWESOME
#3 - Posted 1/18/13 @12:48PM by chrxtopher [contact]

And, WOW, that interview with Alex is so cool! But what the hell is wearing? A jumpsuit?!?
#2 - Posted 1/18/13 @12:43PM by chrxtopher [contact]

Anthrax cover - pretty decent. Just makes me want to listen to the Rush original. Covering Rush is tricky business - you either have to play it pretty note-for-note accurate, or you have to really interpret it in an unusual way (Jacob Moon's Subdivisions). This is more the former than the latter.

When are we going to get tour dates?!?
#1 - Posted 1/18/13 @12:36PM by jaeger [contact]

Erste. :) Loving the Anthrax cover!
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