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Posted on Friday, January 4, 2013 at 10:56AM

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#28 - Posted 1/7/13 @3:27PM by kjbird [contact]

Not much longer Lisa! I'm trusting there are no conflicts (and i'm slow to trust!) ....my 2013 is booking up fast and some things i can't work around so i'm hoping for the best! Cincinnati's got to be one of the cities, Greenville S.C. would be great (right near my parents). Anywhere near the heartland, i'll be there. Soooo many cool things happening already in 2013. Life is good!!

Raspberry comment....i was on a list that received some weird email from a fellow RIABer, no big deal. Just thought it was funny.
#27 - Posted 1/7/13 @2:32PM by lisah [contact]

kj, I hope you're right about the tour date prediction. I'm getting burned out on living it all again via you-tube videos! I am not sure that I even want to know about the raspberry comment. 'nuff said, I just want some tour dates! PLEASE!!
#26 - Posted 1/7/13 @1:09PM by kjbird [contact]

Duuuuude, why would i want raspberry ultra drops??? You know who u r.

My prediction: tour dates will be announced before January 20th.
#25 - Posted 1/7/13 @1:05PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

zzzzz...zzzzz....zzzzzz...huh!what!?Did someone say tour dates?No...oh o.k...must've been dreaming there..... someone wake me up when it happens...zzzzzzz....zzzzzzz.
#24 - Posted 1/7/13 @12:36PM by jaeger [contact]

#15 Yes, we're just checking into RI(H)AB...
#23 - Posted 1/7/13 @11:34AM by kjbird [contact]

#22 - small world! Indy was one of the 2 shows i've seen thus far on this tour. Here's hoping you get to hear it again in the UK! Driving this morning, Middletown Dreams and Prime Mover got my attention big time.
#22 - Posted 1/7/13 @11:21AM by simon r

No 20-ah those Middletown Dreams! I hope to hear this again on UK leg of tour if they continue A/B set list. I was lucky to hear them do this in Indy much to my amazement-we never got Power Windows tour over here alas so it was long time waiting for this. Reckon 2 weeks and we should have tour dates. Obviously they are not in any RUSH!
#21 - Posted 1/7/13 @9:57AM by kjbird [contact]

The point of the journey is not to arrive....
#20 - Posted 1/7/13 @9:54AM by kjbird [contact]

Dreams flow across the heartland
Feeding on the fires
Dreams transport desires
Drive you when you're down.....
#19 - Posted 1/7/13 @12:59AM by michinman [contact]

Kj hehe I was a good boy in 2012.
#18 - Posted 1/6/13 @11:03PM by kjbird [contact]

Nice Pratt bobblehead michinman....Santa bring you those?
#17 - Posted 1/6/13 @10:57PM by smiley [contact]

positive vibrations from sealy tx rush radio thanks to you all!
#16 - Posted 1/6/13 @10:54PM by smiley [contact]

god willing Rush in TX and seeing riab folks finally and in person!
#15 - Posted 1/6/13 @10:45PM by michinman [contact]

All is quiet in Rushland.
#14 - Posted 1/5/13 @11:48PM by marty from clayton [contact]

Packers win in playoff border battle!!!
#13 - Posted 1/5/13 @9:16PM by lisah [contact]

#10, I hope Texas gets one more CA show in 2013! After selling out both Houston and Dallas on CA 2012, there's agood chance we will get another show in 2013. I don't know if they will possibly do the same as TMT. That was Dallas, Houston and SanAntonio on the 2010 leg, then Austin and ElPaso on the 2011 leg. I do know that there won't be a problem with filling the seats down here, Texas is a big Rush state. All we need now are the dates, I need to plan my vacation around them! Rush On!!
#12 - Posted 1/5/13 @3:05PM by Cheryl [contact]

A 2112 tour would be great for their next tour! I have to agree that Clockwork Angels is the modern day 2112 and I sure have enjoyed the album and concert. Was just listenening to it this morning. Have they announced the US shows for 2013 yet?
#11 - Posted 1/5/13 @2:57PM by jaeger [contact]

Speaking of Rand(om), GD has arrived in the new "Galt's Gulch." Read the quotes carefully: link
#10 - Posted 1/5/13 @2:52PM by smiley [contact]

!Houston, come on Houston! because we're here, yeah rush radio
#9 - Posted 1/5/13 @2:30PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

calm before the storm. Once those tour dates are announced this site will be all Rush n' roll!
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