Rush's 2112 re-enters the Billboard 200 due to Deluxe Edition sales

Posted on Friday, December 28, 2012 at 9:01AM

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#7 - Posted 12/30/12 @4:22PM by kjbird [contact]

Yeah, i'll let you know. It's on my 'list', so my timeframe for completion is unknown. I take it you are, at least, in my generation. Although I'm not grocery shopping for a new ideology, I am a huge proponent of being a life-long learner. Life/experience is the ultimate teacher, and whether in a positive way or by kicking my A#$, i have learned much. I'm quick to listen, but slow to trust or change, so i take all things, whether spoken or written, with a grain of salt. Since becoming a parent 14 years ago, i've noticed how much more of an individualist i've become, as i encourage my own kids to develop a more mature approach as thinkers than, say, other moms in my collectivist-suburbia corner of the world :)

Two things i find comical (well, on this topic); people that take something out of context and make it a platform and so-called "open-minded" people that throw an entire piece of work out the window because of that individuals/group belief system. Change is personal, listening is universal IMO.
#6 - Posted 12/30/12 @3:07PM by cpb [contact]

kjbird, I am sure you will enjoy The Fountainhead. It is, in all honesty, her best work. The problem is that it's very hard for people not to get sucked into her ideology for awhile - it certainly happened to me! It's like the Moonies getting you. It creates a weird sense of hero-worship, arrogance, and (especially if one reads Atlas Shrugged) absolute DISDAIN for poor people that is totally unwarranted.

Of course, that's the effect it has on teens/college-aged people and those predisposed to that kind of ideology anyway. The strangest thing about how Rand's ideas became part of certain political platforms is that she's an absolutely EVANGELICAL atheist, a part of her ideology ignored by politicians purporting to side with her.

It'll be interesting to see what you think of it all! While I myself am SO GLAD to have left Ayn Rand and her ideology behind, there is little doubt that her passion and conviction made her a compelling voice, and the literary world is better off for people like her.
#5 - Posted 12/30/12 @1:33PM by kjbird [contact]

Sorry for all my "quotes" - i just noticed that after i posted and it's annoying to me, and i'm sure for others as well.
#4 - Posted 12/30/12 @1:32PM by kjbird [contact]

One of the books i want to read in 2013, cover to cover, is The Fountainhead. I've read excerpts here and there, but never in its entirety. #2 i know where you're coming from, but for me, i think Rush proved triumphant in 1976 with the release of 2112. Not for album sales, not for public acceptance, but their morality and productivity were in sync - no hypocrisy. And they have consistently been "all in" with their work since. I think the only 'ego' the men of Rush has is in their own musicianship to produce and create. It does not go outside of themselves. With all the 'recognition' they've received in 2012, it's been interesting to 'see' (from my limited vantage point) their reaction. Polite, yes. That's who they are. Humility? I don't think so... for that would mean they are "bending down" to receive a sort of "acceptance" from something greater than themselves. I agree with cpb and call it "indifference".
#3 - Posted 12/30/12 @12:49PM by cpb [contact]


You know Howard Roark was indifferent to everyone's opinion and therefore wasn't "looking down on them", right? They point was supposed to be that his confidence carried him above them.
#2 - Posted 12/28/12 @8:59PM by Yellek Under Pressure [contact]

RUSH is triumphant! Like Howard Roark standing atop his skyscraper looking down upon his enemies and critics!
#1 - Posted 12/28/12 @9:35AM by ganfan [contact]

First-Love the 2112 5.1, can't wait for more U.S. tour dates
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