Rush Clockwork Angels tour Seattle open thread

Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 1:47PM

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#77 - Posted 11/17/12 @1:42PM by jiminseattle [contact]

As much as I love The Anarchist and I do Carnies was the song of the night for me. It was all amazing and the first set was spectacular. Grand Designs just shredded.
#76 - Posted 11/16/12 @3:44PM by Tolwyn [contact]

I think this was my 18th concert I've been to.
Welcome back to the Key Arena! Last time I saw them here was the Roll the Bones tour.

Anyways, I was in row 7, seat 21. Really great seats, right on the aisle, and not TOO many yahoos sneaking their way up and crowding everything.

I agree with comment 59. Geddy was feeling the effects of a cold or something during the first set. Never seen him take so many swigs of water. But also agree that whatever he did during intermission worked. 2nd set was flawless.

There was some pretty bad low-end feedback/hum during the first few songs. Really jarring during Subdivisions.

I'm surprised, reading through the posts, that people missed a funny flub during the show! Yes, I saw Neil miss a stick-catch (his face was priceless), but Alex was a full measure BEHIND at the outro of Tom Sawyer! Did you guys not see Geddy and Neil laughing their butts off at him as he came over to Neil's right-hand side?

I hope you enjoy my photos. They aren't fantastic, but they are pretty good.

#75 - Posted 11/16/12 @6:36AM by kjbird [contact]

#70 Jim!! So was it everything you were anticipating (stupid question, right?) Sounds like the crowd were just electric and the boys were on fire.
#74 - Posted 11/15/12 @10:28PM by PLesinski [contact]

Drove all the way from Portland and LOVED the show. I posted a review on my blog with a bunch of photos - check it out at link Hopefully they'll do another U.S. leg and play Portland. But I'd drive another six-hour round trip too. :)
#73 - Posted 11/14/12 @11:52PM by takeafriend [contact]

Again, great show. This was the best I have seen Geddy sing in many tours. Last time, the Washington State stop was the very last in the tour. This time, the Seattle show was the first show after a ten day break. It showed in the vocals. Alex was amazing, Neil was a machine, and Geddy was in rare form on the base. I agree with some reviews in that it was sometimes hard to hear the base. I was in the 20th row in front of Alex. I think the Key is a great place for a show. The acoustics are not that bad. And the nostalgia of the place. That was at least my fourth Rush show in the Key (or Coleseum) so it was awesome to see them there again.
#72 - Posted 11/14/12 @10:22PM by Jag2112 [contact]

Here's a link to a great gallery from the Seattle show -- complete with numerous hilarious shots of Alex...
#71 - Posted 11/14/12 @4:46PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Oh and the first set was a thrill as well as the CA material. They were just all over it.
#70 - Posted 11/14/12 @4:34PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I am back! Amazing show,what else can be said from start to finish just stellar. Killer seats about 20 rows back in the middle and I am tall so I saw clearly. As I hoped, CA-The Anarchist-Carnies were the highlight for me. Only thing I did not really get into was Headlong Flight with the strings, sans strings would have been better FOR ME. I know others may disagree. All in all, WOW!!!
#69 - Posted 11/14/12 @2:14PM by Geddycorn44 [contact]

My favorite Rush show by far. Oh and the stings...Incredible! I want the opening string section of Caravan for my ring tone. Cannot wait to see them again next week in Vegas.
#68 - Posted 11/14/12 @1:43PM by driven2theedge [contact]

GREAT show last niught. Bass was low in the mix a few times as mentioned here on a few threads but didn't last long to my ears (Floor row 16 Al's side). Crowd was just insane. There simply is no place like Seattle for a concert. Best concert crowds I've ever attended with. Alm was really kooky last night, a bit more than usual it seemed. Come back next summer guys, please!!
#67 - Posted 11/14/12 @1:34PM by SeattleRushKid [contact]

#65 hit the key arena acoustics just right. Geddy's bass was nearly inaudible and Alex was way too loud. Which made me sad when they played Big Money, because for some reason Alex was playing alongside Geddy's bass intro. So we couldn't hear it. There were even times where Geddy's vocals were hard to make out because of the guitar. Neil was perfect in the mix, but thanks to either the arena or the sound engineers (probably a bit of both) guitars and keyboards just crushed anything else that tried making noise alongside them. Don't get me wrong, fantastic show. It just bummed me out that unless Alex stopped playing, I couldn't hear Geddy. Which means that whichever way you go about it, the whole band couldn't be heard.
#66 - Posted 11/14/12 @1:23PM by Buzz [contact]

Great show last night - A bunch of old stuff I've never heard live, and plenty of new CA songs which were totally awesome seeing come to life, along with some favorites like TOSR that never miss! Once again blown away by the spectacle of it all. Almost got a t-shirt after watching it bounce off a few hands. Thank you RUSH!
#65 - Posted 11/14/12 @12:48PM by Emotion Defector [contact]

This was my first Rush show in a bout 30 years. I was pretty hardcore in the 70s/80s, but drifted and eventually came back to them after VT. We had a great time at the show, which was a bit of a mixed bag. Key Arena acoustics blow, and maybe it was just our seats (high on Ged's side) but the bass was almost missing except in the bass breaks. Definitely some chills here and there, like Analog kid solo, Clockwork Angels (song and album), electronic drum solo(really inventive and entertaining - loved it!). Crowd around us was awesome, very few cell phones (and no iPads!), lots of dads/kids (hearing and seeing their mutual excitement was really nice). Thought some of the playlist choices were odd - could have done without about 3 songs, and really wanted to hear Manhattan Project, but no.

I thought Ged's voice sounded good and healthy. There seem to be two camps here: "He sucks cuz he can't hit those 'Temples of Syrinx' notes any more," and "He's been doing this for over 40 years and you have to expect some evolution of his ability." I'm in the latter and I think he does a good job of making old songs work with his "new" voice. And the newer songs sounded very good.

Alex sounded great, had many sweet solos that were just right in the mix, and his antics were amusing. Neil is so hidden by the tightness of that kit that about all you see are a couple hands on cymbals occasionally. They really need to do what concert pianists do and put a big mirror behind and over him so you can just study his playing when you want to.

Overall, the band was tight, and the CA songs in particular were very well played and sounded great, except for The Garden. Some songs just didn't seem to get a good mix and this was one. Tom Sawyer was another. It was like someone kicked the plug out of the soundboard.

And I have to give a special giant middle finger to the City of Seattle for having so many detours and closed roads around the arena. It was probably one of the worst clusterfucks of driving I have been in in 20 years. Combine that with some rain, rush hour work traffic, and it was a miracle we made it there with time for a pre-show meal.
#64 - Posted 11/14/12 @12:31PM by hannuFIN [contact]

jimInSeattle:) How were these.."The Anarchist and Carnies.." ?..maybe some vibe was in the air ?
#63 - Posted 11/14/12 @12:28PM by kmpt [contact]

It truly was a great show and the VIP seats were totally worth it! 8th row in front of Ged. Got a shirt that they threw into the crowd too!
#62 - Posted 11/14/12 @12:12PM by Earthshine [contact]

Correction: the guitar sound drop-out I mentioned happened later in the show than what I referenced
#61 - Posted 11/14/12 @11:41AM by Earthshine [contact]

Whew! What a RUSH the Seattle show was. Excellent rocking show and stellar crowd from where I was sitting. Speaking of which, we got Row 5 right in front of Alex. We were dancing, shouting and air drumming/guitar/bass all night and man am I sore today!

Had a great time listening to the best band in the whole wide world. The crowd was AWESOME and deafening at times. I was struck as I looked around by all the Women and kids in attendance. Most women I have ever seen at a Rush show. The concert must have been sold out or damn close probably about 15-16,000

Show started a little late and Jack Secret the tech brought out a pedal-board for Alex during Subdivisions, was frantically hooking it up. 2 songs later it failed on Alex and there was no guitar sound for a good 20 seconds. That was the only mishap in the show....of course the faces Alex was throwing at the crowd were hilarious during the affair...but..oh...the look he gave to someone offstage was chilly! Alex fell right back in when the problem was solved

The band was really on tonight. Alex was really talking a lot to the crowd as they played. Alex is just plain funny, mouthing all sorts of things to us in front of him. He caught an 'aroma' looked at someone in front of us and mouthed 'is ts legal here now?' He then motioned to us to follow him offstage. Alex is a riot

Neil played very well and I really enjoyed getting 3 drum solos, each unique, with the last one being very very different. We saw the rotating drum kit again.
Alex's intro to Halo Effect was excellent. Was playing his Les Paul with an acoustic guitar sound. It kind of reminded me of Hope a little in that it was an Acoustic interlude piece. It was very tasty. I was surprised how many people were singing, including on the CA songs! It seemed everyone, even the kids knew the lyrics. Lots of people singing the chorus of the Wreckers. Carnies sounded great too with some cool pyro.

Also the string section was really rocking out! They were singing and playing off each other. Man, what gig of a lifetime for them! And can I just say how hot Adele is?
All three of the band interacted with the string section. They got a thunderous applause when they exited the stage. They added so much to songs like The Wreckers and The Anarchist.

Geddy was a little subdued at first but really got pumped from the crowd. He was his usual monster-riffing self. He, Al and Neil were all smiling and mugging each other, having a good time in Seattle. Another great show and the most unique one yet. The VIP was worth every penny to us. Seeing Rush for 3/4 of my life now is a treasure of Love and Respect. Delivering the fullness of time, as the crowd sang along to the Garden.

What a great night...I wish I could do it all again
#60 - Posted 11/14/12 @11:08AM by CraigJ [contact]

#58 Follow up: I just received an e-mail from Vicky at Cooperstown confirming that they will in fact be open: "Yes, we'll definitely be open before the concert." So, I propose a pre-concert RIAB meetup at Cooperstown around 5:30... Yeah?
#59 - Posted 11/14/12 @10:56AM by JediSushiChef [contact]

Okay, Rush peeps....let's seriously talk about last night's show.

First, however, I want to comment about the goddam chickie-poo peanut gallery behind me who wouldn't shut the f**k up all night...WTF? Take your tea party home for God's sake. I guess that's what I get for landing in the semi-crapper seats.

Anyhow. This was my 22nd Rush show, and it's been several years since I've seen them in an arena, as they've been mostly dialed into the amphitheater circuit during summer months on the last several tours. That being said, Ged has commented before on how the fall/winter shows affect his voice differently, with the drafty air and all that comes with it.

I picked up right away in the first set that Ged's voice was off. Way off. It seemed like he might be fighting a cold or sore throat. He seemed to be really winded and struggling for air. It even seemed to throw off his bass playing and Alex a bit, but maybe I'm imagining that.

Then, voila! He was fine in the 2nd top form, really. Loved the new material, and LOVED the ensemble. Great idea to bring them along. Totally added to the vibe, and their presence seemed to inspire and pick up the band. They really seemed to get into it! Alex and Ged kept going back there to play with them, and Al was trying to crack them up on several occasions, but that's nothing new with Lerxst.

BTW, Al couldn't help but comment on WA State's new law on pot, stating: "I love you Washington State, light it up!!!" Oh, and Ged pointed out Al's pretty blue shoes to everyone.

Going back to the Ged voice thing....this is not a complaint as much as simply an observation....I mean, how the hell can we complain? What these guys do night after night, and the technical nature of the band, is so amazingly difficult. If anything, it was fascinating to see some of Ged's humanity exposed, and it added character to the performance.

My buddy and I, who grew up with Rush in the 80s and attended several shows together, couldn't stop analyzing the Ged factor tonight. My buddy concluded that it may have been an age thing, but I beg to differ. Again, it seemed like he was fighting some sort of cold or illness, and took some sort of remedy for the 2nd set.

Any observations on this? Was it the fall air chill effect? A cold? Age? Still, a great show....and while I understand some folks might complain about the set list, I loved it. I love these guys when they mix it up and take a risk or two....but, in retrospect, it's the new material that stood out the most.
#58 - Posted 11/14/12 @10:47AM by CraigJ [contact]

If you're going to the show in Phoenix on 11/25 call Alice Cooperstown and see if they are going to be open past their normal 5PM Sunday close. Maybe if enough people ask them they will stay open until 7 PM.

If not the Hard Rock Cafe across the street is open until 11, but Cooperstown is cooler IMO.

Thoughts? Meetup? Other places that are good within walking distance?
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