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Rush ReDISCovered debut album LP box set release delayed
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Rush ReDISCovered LP box setRush will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of their 1974 debut album with a special Rush ReDISCovered LP box set containing a re-mastered version of the album on 200g vinyl. The set was originally due to release on April 15th but according to Amazon and the Rush Backstage Club the release has been delayed 2 weeks until Tuesday, April 29th (thanks The Sphere). You can get all the details regarding what's contained in the set by watching this promotional video and checking out the press release. To pre-order your copy of Rush ReDISCovered just go to this location.

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#47 - Posted 4/28/14 @6:49PM by L21st [contact]

Here's a picture of the cover: link
#46 - Posted 4/28/14 @6:26PM by L21st [contact]

Be prepared to be very unhappy with the box set... the record cover inside the box is covered with black streaks from the black colored "Rush Family Tree" insert laying on top of the cover. I received mine from Amazon today and I was so sad to see this. I am assuming they will all be like this because of the items shuffling around loose in the box.
#45 - Posted 4/7/14 @9:29PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Well put Rob, thanks. I would enjoy that live feel as well. Most of the Rush live albums are killer. The CA CD is so farging loud though to these ears at least.
#44 - Posted 4/7/14 @9:05PM by HighFidelityRob [contact]

This has been a great conversation on here. It's nice to hear everyone's unique perspective on the music. I guess for me it just all boils down to...I hope they record live together in the studio next time rather than cut/paste pro tools. It isnt wrong to cut/paste but I hope they really harness that great magic that happens when the three of them play together.
Remember how VT came about. The three of them went into a practice space and really hammered it out. I really enjoy hearing what things they can create when they do that. But if they really enjoy the flexibility of pro tools more power to them.
#43 - Posted 4/7/14 @8:39PM by Homey M Holmes

Neil's attitude toward learning songs and recording is very typical of musicians today. No one wants to learn anything -- they just want to show up and bash through it. "Sure, it'll be awesome. You'll fix it."

(later) "Ok, Neil...we took all your takes and assembled them. Here's your drum part."

"Cool -- thanks!"

"You go out on tour next month."

"*&^%! You mean now I gotta learn this thing?"
#42 - Posted 4/7/14 @7:14PM by jupeguy [contact]

The baffling thing about all the complaints about Nick R.'s time with "the boys" is that the boys all seem to love him. They gush on and on about him in all respects and that his ideas were great and that he brought out the best/most from them. They were right there with him every step of the way, and brought him back for CA. Also for the record anyone who has read my posts regarding S&A & CA, knows that I'm not real crazy about half of S&A, or the sound. I really like CA's material but have never said I like the sound/production all that much.I prefer the sound/production of Hemispheres,PerWaves,Moving Pictures much more than this new "sound" but that's what we got so we have to accept it for what it is, or not listen to it if it really bugs you that much! And as far as CA Live DVD, the audio is just awful to me anyways.
#41 - Posted 4/7/14 @7:06PM by jiminseattle [contact]

While I agree the production could be/should be cleaner, I sure enjoy the content.
#40 - Posted 4/7/14 @6:47PM by Denny Crane [contact]

Good post CraigJ #38

The first half minute of "Caravan" is about as busy as a song can get. So much going on in that opening half minute. They are all over the place to this untrained ear.

Alex.... where to begin.... I think the longest guitar cord he has held in the last ten years is the opening riff on "Far Cry" (he calls it the Hemispheres cord). About a whopping 2 seconds.

Seriously think about that for awhile.

Then there is Nick Raskulennyitch telling Neil that he isn't hitting enough drums enough times on "The Way The Wind Blows" and has him re-record the song and encouraging him by hitting more drums and making more noise.... all while standing in front of him waving a f@cking orchestra conductor wand.

Something has gone seriously wrong here folks.

#39 - Posted 4/7/14 @6:44PM by Homey M Holmes

I have the vinyl, and it did strike me that way the one time I listened to it.

I don't necessarily want Broon, just someone who knows what they're doing. I think it may be something as simple as many engineers simply didn't know how to effectively use the first wave of computer-based technology. There's been some catch up.

If you want to hear a great remaster, check out the "Wish You Were Here" SACD. Incredible. Good, but still "modern" sound, is indeed possible...
#38 - Posted 4/7/14 @6:00PM by CraigJ [contact]

My $.02 is that I really like CA musically, but on most of my (admittedly crappy) sound systems there is so much bottom end I need to roll off the bass to avoid distortion, which in itself causes a loss of signal. From what I've read the vinyl doesn't have that issue.

There is something to be said for "less is more" - not all the spaces need to be filled. Dynamic range is a good thing.

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