Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rush limited edition stamp collectible auction for The Canadian Center for Abuse Awareness
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UPDATE - 12/5@5:17PM: NOTE: The auction listing now confirms that this is NOT one of the 10 signed copies.

UPDATE - 12/4@10:18AM: Note: as some of the comments point out, it's not clear if this is one of the 10 signed prints that were sold last month, so buyer beware.

This past July the Canada Post officially released a Canadian Recording Artist stamp series featuring Rush and other Canadian artists. A couple of weeks ago the sale of a special, limited edition, signed day-of-issue cover for the Rush stamp was announced via this press release, and all 10 that were available quickly sold out. The Canadian Center for Abuse Awareness obtained one of the UNSIGNED covers and it is currently up for auction to help raise money for the charity (although it's not clear if this is one of the 10 signed covers). The auction will run through December 13th. For all the details and to place your bid, visit the auction website at

The first day cover comes with a mint condition, Canada Post Details magazine announcing the release of the 4th series of stamps celebrating Canadian Music Artists. This OFDC is now SOLD OUT across Canada. This magazine gives a synopsis of their careers & describes the stamp release. This OFDC features the fan-favourite cover of Rush's album, 2112. The OFDC is cancelled in Toronto, Ontario. Issue Date: July 19, 2013. A First Day Cover - is a specially made envelope printed with original artwork and graphics and includes 1 of the brand new Rush stamps attached to it. These are marketed only once on the official release date and then immediately out of print. This is marketed only in Canada and nowhere else in the world. ...

Thanks to Doug T for the heads up.



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#15 - Posted 12/4/13 @3:58PM by ninjadave [contact]

i emailed the site, it is definately NOT one of the signed covers, please update the blog post here to note that, since that is clearly or MIGHT drive up the bidding.....i have the email from them saying its just one of the original unsigned letters because i also thought from the post here, that is was one of the 10 signed....ITS NOT.
#14 - Posted 12/4/13 @11:22AM by freewilly [contact]

Although it should not matter where a band comes from, I've always loved the fact that Rush is from Canada, I don't even really know or visited the country but to me it adds to the feeling Rush is "different"... (I'm Dutch btw)
#13 - Posted 12/3/13 @10:02PM by michinman [contact]

Yes, be careful bidders... I agree with drmike's post #8. A great cause, but seemingly not the autographed envelope.
#12 - Posted 12/3/13 @6:37PM by jaeger [contact]

Upcoming Amazon flash deal on Sector 3: link
#11 - Posted 12/3/13 @5:42PM by Denny Crane [contact]


Worse than the stamps taste.
#10 - Posted 12/3/13 @5:17PM by MGRushFan

Hey, I couldn't find an answer to this question. How does the new Live Rush dvd sound?
#9 - Posted 12/3/13 @4:09PM by drmike [contact]

By the way, the stamps are peel and stick (self adhesive). If there was a problem with the taste of the gum, it had to be on the souvenir sheet that included all four bands' stamps on one sheet.

Um, I'm trying to turn this into a joke but I'm not coming up with anything.
#8 - Posted 12/3/13 @4:05PM by drmike [contact]

There is nothing on the auction site saying that the auction is for one of the 10 autographed First Day Covers. The photo is of the regular FDC that was sold at post offices and Bidding is already up to $300. Not bad for a cover that went for $1.63 plus a freebie Canada Post product magazine. I'm glad the money is going to charity.
#7 - Posted 12/3/13 @4:03PM by marty from clayton [contact]

#6 Craig - LOL!!!!
#6 - Posted 12/3/13 @3:41PM by CraigJ [contact]

The glue on the stamps can't be as bad as the glue on the envelopes that George bought for his wedding invitations... Or can it?

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