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Exclusive video of Neil Peart in the studio with Vertical Horizon
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Vertical Horizon Echoes from the UndergroundVertical Horizon's new album Echoes from the Underground will release on October 8th, and the album is now available for pre-order from Amazon and other retailers. Way back in early 2012 we first learned that Neil Peart had played drums on a couple of tracks on the album. The first single is called Broken Over You and was released online for free download a couple of months ago. Neil doesn't play on this track but plays on the tracks Instamatic and South For The Winter. Billboard has posted a video of Neil Peart in the studio tracking Instamatic which you can check out below or at this location.

There's also some older video of Neil in the studio with the band from back in early 2012. Neil had also made a guest appearance on Vertical Horizon's 2009 album Burning the Days, playing drums on three of the tracks along with penning the lyrics for one. You can pre-order your copy of Echoes From the Underground here.

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#22 - Posted 10/7/13 @11:30PM by Undermidnight [contact]

Excellent song. I really enjoyed the mix and of course Herr Professor Peart.
#21 - Posted 10/4/13 @11:09AM by Geddimus Prime

@ 19 - spot on.
#20 - Posted 10/4/13 @11:01AM by littledrummerboy [contact]

Very catchy song. I really like some of the accents and tempo changes. The song has a nice flow and 'punch', if you will. I intentionally avoided watching the video as I listened, trying not to focus on the 'drummer' per say, but on the music as a whole. It was hard not to notice Neil's style and flair coming thru on certain fills, however. That being said, in my opinion, it was a very good, vibrant performance overall. Maybe a bit overdone on some of the fills later in the song, but that's more of an issue of song structure and possibly over-extending the song as a whole. It could have lost a few bars and still been effective. Still, it's always refreshing to hear the guys playing out of their usual element.
#19 - Posted 10/3/13 @10:52PM by Buskerdu [contact]

Hey SpaceTrucker - perhaps my Troll reference was a bit harsh. Having said that, at the time of your post no one had even remotely implied that this was the "greatest thing ever" so by suggesting that at the end of your post it appeared that you were looking to cause a stir.

And you certainly did, but I've been tired this week.

And this idea that "most any drummer could have easily performed this song" ... do you REALLY believe that? I'm not sure how you define most but I seriously doubt that *most* drummers could turn in this kind of creative performance that so neatly matches the song. Listen, as an amateur drummer, Peart has been my drumming inspiration for well over 25-years now but the truth is MANY of his performances with Rush aren't nearly this crafty. Maybe there are a ton of guys who can listen to this and reproduce the track, but how many could actually create the track in the first place...? That's what always makes me smile about his best tracks - the sheer creativity that goes into it. His drumming on this song is a solid creative effort, with a few chops thrown in for good measure.

Will it be remembered as his best recorded performance ever? Hell no. But it is definitely above average and in my opinion helps drive an average song. Most any drummer wouldn't have been able to do that.
#18 - Posted 10/3/13 @9:51PM by bravest_face [contact]

This is a cool tune and I think it's interesting to see them play with other musician's/band's. Nice ride.
#17 - Posted 10/3/13 @5:49PM by Tom [contact]

the thing i think about is 'what if i heard this song on the radio and did n't have a clue who the band and the drummer were?' - i would love it, and wonder who it was so props to VH an Neil - not saying it is a classic song but it is bloody good!
#16 - Posted 10/3/13 @1:21PM by SpaceTrucker [contact]

I am passionate about Hard Rock and Metal music and thoroughly enjoy engaging in conversation about it.

First off all, this is my opinion, this is how I view this song and Neil's playing, saying "it is wrong" is in itself wrong. Music is the closest thing to magic, it is difficult to explain why a song makes you feel the way you do or why you like or dislike it. It's very personal and effects people differently.

I didn't say the song was bad or Neil's playing was bad, just nothing special to me, that's all.

Now, Buskerdu (I will call you by your screen name not your post number) implying that I am a 'Troll' is insulting and in reality makes you one because the term 'Troll' means you insult and call people names or try to get a rise out of people from behind your computer. I have been engaging on this site (thanks for all the hard work Ed) for years and deserve more respect than that and am waiting for your apology.

Logan 5, come on you can do better than that, question marks? Tell us why you dig the the song or Neil's playing, put it in words.

Random_sample thanks for getting it, not that big of deal, just my opinion.

And yes, I expect Neil to blow me away every time he sits behind his kit, after all. he's the one that set the bar so high.

So looking forward to 2014 and the 40th Anniversary of this amazing band called RUSH!
#15 - Posted 10/3/13 @12:12PM by random_sample [contact]

I did think the song was pretty catchy. But the drumming is fairly ordinary...which is ok.
#14 - Posted 10/3/13 @12:11PM by random_sample [contact]

#9- I didn't take your post the way a few others did. In fact I think it's the opposite of what #13 said. It's some of the insecure Rush fans who can't seem to take it when anyone says anything remotely critical or states an opinion that isn't praising every thing Geddy,Alex or Neil does. Oh well. There are all kinds of Rush fans. Just happens that there are a few ,who are insecure.
#13 - Posted 10/3/13 @10:34AM by Taurus Pedal Boy

I thought that was great. I swear, I think there is an element of the RUSH fan base that are frustrated musicians completely hung up on the technical aspect of music ("Hey, that wasn't hard. I can do that! That wasn't so special!"). That to me is an insecure mindset of viewing music as being a technical competition. Not what RUSH is all about at all.

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