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Rush Clockwork Angels Tour CD/DVD/Blu-ray to release November 19th, now available for pre-order
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UPDATE - 9/17@10:25AM: The Clockwork Angels Tour DVD is currently the #1 seller at Amazon in the Music Videos & Concerts category (thanks John at

UPDATE - 9/16@2:53PM: Note that the press release does confirm that there will be a separate CD release, although there's no pre-order information for it as of right now.

Rush has just announced details regarding their upcoming Clockwork Angels Tour CD/DVD/Blu-ray which is set to release on November 19th. From

...On November 19th, "RUSH: CLOCKWORK ANGELS TOUR" will be released simultaneously via Anthem/Roadrunner Records on CD and the companion BLURAY/DVD on Anthem/Zoe Vision/Rounder.

"RUSH: CLOCKWORK ANGELS TOUR" was filmed and recorded last November at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas, during Rush's highly successful Clockwork Angels Tour. The eleven month-marathon world tour crossed North America twice and ventured overseas to Europe in support of the band's acclaimed 2012 studio release "CLOCKWORK ANGELS."

In capturing the tour's electrifying three hour set, "RUSH: CLOCKWORK ANGELS TOUR" pairs Rush classics ("Tom Sawyer," "The Spirit Of Radio," "2112″), with a nod to the 80′s Rush era (The Analog Kid," "Territories," "Subdivisions") alongside newly reworked arrangements specifically for the tour featuring the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble ("Headlong Flight," "YYZ," "Red Sector A"). The string section marks the first time the trio has brought additional musicians on the road with them. To showcase their latest studio release, the epic set list also features nine tracks off "CLOCKWORK ANGELS." Other highlights include tracks rarely performed and never before recorded live ("The Body Electric," "Middletown Dreams"), in addition to three separate drum solos by the incomparable Neil Peart.

Beyond the incredible live performances, the DVD includes a 25-minute tour documentary titled "Can't Stop Thinking Big", featuring interviews with all 3 members, exclusive and behind the scenes footage, and offers a glimpse into the inner workings of the Rush tour machine and insight into the band members themselves. Other special features on the DVD include the trio of hilarious shorts created specifically for the tour as well as interviews and outtakes captured during their filming. Additional filmed sketches and a rare soundcheck performance of perennial favourite "Limelight" round out the exclusive offerings. ...

The announcement also includes the cover art, the complete tracklisting and more details about the bonus content. It looks like the primary footage was taken from the November 28th show in Dallas judging by the setlist, but the 4 alternate tracks taken from the Phoenix show are also included as bonus content. The video was produced by Fadoo Productions and earlier this summer CEO Bob McCown mentioned that the video will likely premiere on HBO at some point this fall, although there's no mention of that in the announcement. You can pre-order your copy on Amazon today (DVD, Blu-ray).

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#44 - Posted 9/23/13 @9:05PM by NicktheRushian [contact]

I was hoping Rush's RRHOF induction would be a bonus feature on the DVD but the details didn't mention that. Oh well, I'm still really excited and cant wait for the Clockwork Angels Tour DVD to come out Nov. 19th! I saw them for the first time at Summerfest 2013 in Milwaukee, WI and it was a dream come true for me. Perfect show and I had a blast!
#43 - Posted 9/18/13 @10:44PM by lisah [contact]

#42,that was the only thing I would have liked from this tour.Including BU2B into the set list.It is such an excellent song.You know you've still got what it takes if after 40 years you can deliver material like Clockwork Angels!
#42 - Posted 9/18/13 @10:13PM by marty from clayton [contact]

Wish they would've included BU2B (from TMachine) in the bonus, so we could have nearly the whole of Clockwork Angels live on one BlueRay.
#41 - Posted 9/18/13 @8:30PM by rush21122 [contact]

Great. I just hope we don't get too much goofy ass crowd shots like in Time Machine.. THat was way out of hand...
#40 - Posted 9/18/13 @12:35PM by lisah [contact]

39,I agree, it's nice to have these deeper tracks from the CA tour on the DVD.It gives us a broader base of material for our viewing pleasure.Having all of their concert videos,I am thrilled for having a wider range rather than the same old setlist over and over.Having almost every track from CA on there is so very exciting.I am one who thinks that CA is in the top 3 of my Rush faves.Can't wait til it arrives, thinking about putting together a viewing party.Rush On!
#39 - Posted 9/18/13 @11:10AM by simon r

Great xmas pressie even if it gets delayed. Nice to have Middletown Dreams included as souvenir of shows I was lucky to see.
#38 - Posted 9/17/13 @10:20PM by lisah [contact]

Michinman,I had that problem but it was on Sn&A Live.I sent it back to Amazon,they sent me a new one which was fine. I didn't have it on TM.I pre-ordered my CA blue-ray yesterday.It will probably play in my BR player for a month non-stop.Yeah I know I'm one of those Rush geeks! Nice to hear from you! Rush On!
#37 - Posted 9/17/13 @8:36PM by michinman [contact]

Pre-ordered. @isthatmysandwich - you have the same problem with the TMT bluray as I do. I thought I got a dud or something and planned on re-purchasing. Has anyone else noticed this sync problem? Is it just on the bluray? I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned before. As I said, I thought it was just a problem with mine., my source for audio/vdeo reviews for blu's, doesn't make any mention of it either.
#36 - Posted 9/17/13 @3:24PM by DGTLMAN [contact]

#34 -- Cool, I now know what Alex's new guitar intro to Halo is called: "Peke's Repose." I heard it in Philly and Baltimore and wondered what the hell it was....

On my way to preorder this baby. Thanks, Ed, for the link!

Rush on, everyone!
#35 - Posted 9/17/13 @3:14PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

Preordered via your link, Ed....thanks again for all that you do for us!


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