Friday, June 28, 2013

Rush 2013 Clockwork Angels tour Chicago open thread
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UPDATE - 6/30@10:03PM: Here's a photo gallery from the Chicago Tribune (thanks Patrick).

UPDATE - 6/29@1:37PM: Official photos from last night have been posted at including several of the Stanley Cup appearance. John over at also posted this great gallery of photos. There's also this review from The Chicago Tribune (thanks MadRushian).

UPDATE - 6/29@10:15AM: Here's some even better footage (thanks yiddishrush worshipper).

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 6/29@9:51AM: The setlist was Night B - version 5 and - as many folks had speculated - the Stanley Cup made an appearance along with a few Chicago Blackhawks players. Right before YYZ Geddy announced a special guest - Lord Stanley, and the gnomes brought out a road crate and produced a tiny Stanley Cup (like in the This is Spinal Tap movie) - then some some players led by Daniel Carcillo came out with the real cup (thanks hazlnut). The whole thing lasted about 2 minutes and you can see some grainy YouTube footage of it here (thanks The Mighty Dudad). There's also this meet and greet photo of Carcillo with Geddy, Alex and the Cup that Rush posted to Twitter.

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 6/28@9:38PM: The setlist looks like it might be Night B - version 5 (thanks Kelly D).

Rush Clockwork Angels 2013 tourRush will roll the Clockwork Angels tour into Chi-town tonight to play the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in Tinley Park for show #23 of the 2013 tour. The band played their Night A set for the Saratoga Springs crowd Tuesday night, so fans should be seeing one of the Night B sets tonight. I'll post any setlist information as soon as I learn about it. For everyone going to tonight's show, have fun, stay safe, and be sure to share your photos, videos and reports with us. RuussshhhH!!!

Date/Time: Friday, June 28th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 23
Venue: First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
Place: Tinley Park, IL (outside Chicago)

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#52 - Posted 7/1/13 @7:33AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#49- Hey most of the Kathy's I know are hot as hell! When I first read #49 I thought it said are you going to be at the "Lesbos" pre-show meeting and I thought, wow what have they got going on in Cinci.Then I re-read it and was disappointed.LOL. Hope all you maniacs have a blast at Riverbend. Wish I coulda met up with you all, but I can only swing the Hamilton show this leg which is coming up pretty darn fast too!
#51 - Posted 6/30/13 @6:35PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I dated a girl named Kathy, was mad about her in high school and think it is a great name. Man, I am so stoked for all of you going to the shows over the next few weeks. Rush N Roll!!!
#50 - Posted 6/30/13 @5:08PM by Rob [contact]

Thanks again Kathy. I will certainly be @ Lebo's Tuesday!
#49 - Posted 6/30/13 @5:00PM by kjbird [contact]

#46 Rob - no doubt - Riverbend is going to rock. Glad i could help out with tickets. Are you able to make it to Lebos pre-show?

Anyone catch Mike & Mike this past Friday? Apparently, some Rush music was being played in honor of the #1 pick in the NBA (from Toronto - i don't follow NBA, so sorry don't know the name). Of course, my husband was telling me how they were also going back and forth about the name "Kathy" and how it's such a name from the 80's and 'no one names their kid 'Kathy' anymore' and "ugh, who in the world would date a girl named Kathy!" Yeah, funny ;)
#48 - Posted 6/30/13 @3:24PM by Mr. K

Just saw the official pics on I remember reading a comment that stated it wasn't a big crowd... judging by the pictures I just looked at, even though the lawn seats might not have been available, it looked like the rest of the seats were filled up pretty well.
#47 - Posted 6/30/13 @8:29AM by Gardener [contact]

Hey, Hawks fans- I just posted to the gallery a photo of Alex kissing The Cup and one of his huge smile just after. What a night!!!
#46 - Posted 6/30/13 @12:37AM by Rob [contact]

Made the trip to Chicago from Cincy Friday. Can't wait for Tuesday night in my hometown for a change!!

Have seats in the pavillion thanks to Kathy!
#45 - Posted 6/29/13 @11:58PM by X1YYZ [contact]

#38: You said it, man.
#44 - Posted 6/29/13 @11:56PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Alright, bad.
#43 - Posted 6/29/13 @11:44PM by rushfan1968 [contact]

Grand Designs of the Grand Illusian.

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