Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rush confirm plans for 2013 North American Clockwork Angels tour
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Yesterday Robe Lighting published an article to their website where they discuss with Rush lighting director Howard Ungerleider how their lighting equipment was used on Rush's Clockwork Angels tour, and the article seemed to confirm both a Spring and Summer North American tour leg in 2013:

... The tour continues in the U.S. into Spring 2013 and is then scheduled to visit Europe before returning to North America for the rest of the Summer, when it will have been on the road for a year.

Now we have an official confirmation of this via a message that was posted to early this morning:

Thanks to all the fans who came out to see the Clockwork Angels Tour 2012! It was an amazing run - from the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble, the filming in Dallas & Phoenix, and YOU. It proved, once again, how dedicated and loyal the Rush fans are and are such a part of the overall show. Europe, are you ready? Clockwork Angels 2013 in Europe is on sale now. And just because we had such a good time, we are now making plans for more dates in the spring and summer of 2013 in North America - so stay tuned for more announcements. Looking forward to seeing you out on the road again soon!

Given that the European leg begins on May 22nd in England, the Spring leg would probably begin in mid-April with the Summer leg then running from late June or early July into August. I would anticipate that more details including ticket sale information should be coming soon. Thanks to Thomas H for the heads up.

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#77 - Posted 1/3/13 @9:52AM by Losingit2k

Greqat now give us some dates already. I need to plan my vacation around it! LOL
#76 - Posted 12/10/12 @11:27PM by ythesun [contact]

Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue... Maybe they'll sing that.
#75 - Posted 12/10/12 @11:33AM by simon r

I think they will do broadly the places on the 2011 tour with a few tweaks and I expect LA/Vegas will be again scheduled. I liked the A/B set list and hope they do similar next year. Other bands do this and it was refreshing RUSH did the same for once. Either way it will be worth seeing them again as this excellent band wont be around forever.
#74 - Posted 12/10/12 @12:05AM by PwrWndws

Please !!!! come back to Philadelphia. We need to hear SCOG, Limelight, and other songs we missed out on the 1st go round. God bless you 3 genius's !!! You guys rock beyond belief !!!!!!!
#73 - Posted 12/8/12 @1:45AM by What-A-Rush

As I write this, I have to say I'm very surprised that 'Middletown Dreams' leads the pack of songs to be DROPPED from the setlist for 2013! I think it's a very welcome return to the set, and should most certainly stay in for the next leg. That said, I'm in complete agreement that 'Dreamline' NEEDS TO GO! Without a doubt one of the WORST of Rush's "more known" songs EVER! Again, I have no problem with the 2012 setlist at all. I like the fact that they decided to mix up some of the songs, a first for them as far as the amount of songs they switched up. For the PHX. show I couldn't have been HAPPIER with the set featuring all the 'Power Windows' gems, I'm still shocked that they played them! Anyway, I'll openly admit that I love it when we debate which Rush is "the best Rush"! It makes the fan base more lively, and more importantly, more genuine and honest! Frankly, I hope the discussion continues for many more years to come! Great thread, thanks RIAB!
#72 - Posted 12/7/12 @9:22PM by ythesun [contact]

For example, I can't believe the poll that indicates Red Sector A is in third place for all the non-Clockwork angels songs requested to be dropped from the next tour's setlist. Red Fucking Sector A? Are you kidding me? Skeletons they shuffle away. But that's just my opinion. So get off yours, because it's worthless. Sit back, enjoy the show, let them be. It's a treasure we've enjoyed for ages. They keep giving and giving. Why ask for more?
#71 - Posted 12/7/12 @9:18PM by ythesun [contact]

Agree with #67. Art is delivered, never requested. In all your science of the mind seeking blind through flesh and bone. Find the blood inside this stone.
#70 - Posted 12/7/12 @9:15PM by ythesun [contact]

Attention all planets of the solar federation. The Grammys are a joke.
#69 - Posted 12/7/12 @6:09PM by The_king_will_Neil [contact]

If they play at (or close to) any of the same locations as this year, I hope they can arrange to play the other set list. Especially places that aren't close to other locations. (Or they could just put all the songs into one list and play it everywhere. It couldn't be too much more than 4 hours, right? Two intermissions? Two different string sections working in shifts? :-)
#68 - Posted 12/7/12 @10:22AM by Entre Nous [contact]

As anyone here that has experienced a couple of tours knows, the band may change up a few songs for the next leg, but don' t count on it. Time Machine part 2 saw no changes. They release the dvd and tour to support that and go places they didn't the first time out + any place on a normal travel itinerary. I for one will be back regardless. Best live show out there period. Just my observation. FWIW.

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