Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rush Clockwork Angels tour Seattle open thread
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UPDATE - 11/30@10:54AM: Here's a review titled You never forget your first Rush! from Seattle Music Insider (thanks Eric at Power Windows).

UPDATE - 11/15@7:48PM: Here's a review and small gallery from reader PLesinski.

UPDATE - 11/15@7:03AM: Here's a great gallery of photos that was posted over at, and here's a review plus gallery from ProgArchives.

UPDATE - 11/14@2:01PM: Trent Moorman of was at the show and got inspired to write a satirical article about an imagined interview with Neil Peart titled Hallucinating at the Foot Massage Parlor with Rush Drummer Neil Peart.

UPDATE - 11/14@7:52AM: Official photos from the show are now posted at

UPDATE - 11/14@7:20AM: Reports indicate (thanks Unit 3 and SeattleRushKid) that the standard Night B setlist was played - the same that was played in Cleveland a few weeks ago as opposed to the slightly altered versions from the Boston and Atlanta shows. The complete setlist can be seen here.

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush once again fires up the engines of the mighty Clockwork Angels tour steamliner tonight in Seattle to kick off the 3rd and final leg of the 2012 tour. They are due to play some version of their Night B setlist but there's no telling which one. The last 3 dates where they played set B was in Boston, Cleveland and Atlanta - and for each one of those shows the setlists were slightly different. As soon as I get word of which setlist was played, I'll be sure to post it here. For everybody going to tonight's show - have fun, stay safe and be sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. RUSH into the West!!!

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 13th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 26
Venue: KeyArena
Place: Seattle, WA

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#77 - Posted 11/17/12 @1:42PM by jiminseattle [contact]

As much as I love The Anarchist and I do Carnies was the song of the night for me. It was all amazing and the first set was spectacular. Grand Designs just shredded.
#76 - Posted 11/16/12 @3:44PM by Tolwyn [contact]

I think this was my 18th concert I've been to.
Welcome back to the Key Arena! Last time I saw them here was the Roll the Bones tour.

Anyways, I was in row 7, seat 21. Really great seats, right on the aisle, and not TOO many yahoos sneaking their way up and crowding everything.

I agree with comment 59. Geddy was feeling the effects of a cold or something during the first set. Never seen him take so many swigs of water. But also agree that whatever he did during intermission worked. 2nd set was flawless.

There was some pretty bad low-end feedback/hum during the first few songs. Really jarring during Subdivisions.

I'm surprised, reading through the posts, that people missed a funny flub during the show! Yes, I saw Neil miss a stick-catch (his face was priceless), but Alex was a full measure BEHIND at the outro of Tom Sawyer! Did you guys not see Geddy and Neil laughing their butts off at him as he came over to Neil's right-hand side?

I hope you enjoy my photos. They aren't fantastic, but they are pretty good.

#75 - Posted 11/16/12 @6:36AM by kjbird [contact]

#70 Jim!! So was it everything you were anticipating (stupid question, right?) Sounds like the crowd were just electric and the boys were on fire.
#74 - Posted 11/15/12 @10:28PM by PLesinski [contact]

Drove all the way from Portland and LOVED the show. I posted a review on my blog with a bunch of photos - check it out at link Hopefully they'll do another U.S. leg and play Portland. But I'd drive another six-hour round trip too. :)
#73 - Posted 11/14/12 @11:52PM by takeafriend [contact]

Again, great show. This was the best I have seen Geddy sing in many tours. Last time, the Washington State stop was the very last in the tour. This time, the Seattle show was the first show after a ten day break. It showed in the vocals. Alex was amazing, Neil was a machine, and Geddy was in rare form on the base. I agree with some reviews in that it was sometimes hard to hear the base. I was in the 20th row in front of Alex. I think the Key is a great place for a show. The acoustics are not that bad. And the nostalgia of the place. That was at least my fourth Rush show in the Key (or Coleseum) so it was awesome to see them there again.
#72 - Posted 11/14/12 @10:22PM by Jag2112 [contact]

Here's a link to a great gallery from the Seattle show -- complete with numerous hilarious shots of Alex...
#71 - Posted 11/14/12 @4:46PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Oh and the first set was a thrill as well as the CA material. They were just all over it.
#70 - Posted 11/14/12 @4:34PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I am back! Amazing show,what else can be said from start to finish just stellar. Killer seats about 20 rows back in the middle and I am tall so I saw clearly. As I hoped, CA-The Anarchist-Carnies were the highlight for me. Only thing I did not really get into was Headlong Flight with the strings, sans strings would have been better FOR ME. I know others may disagree. All in all, WOW!!!
#69 - Posted 11/14/12 @2:14PM by Geddycorn44 [contact]

My favorite Rush show by far. Oh and the stings...Incredible! I want the opening string section of Caravan for my ring tone. Cannot wait to see them again next week in Vegas.
#68 - Posted 11/14/12 @1:43PM by driven2theedge [contact]

GREAT show last niught. Bass was low in the mix a few times as mentioned here on a few threads but didn't last long to my ears (Floor row 16 Al's side). Crowd was just insane. There simply is no place like Seattle for a concert. Best concert crowds I've ever attended with. Alm was really kooky last night, a bit more than usual it seemed. Come back next summer guys, please!!

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