Monday, October 29, 2012

Clockwork Angels VIP package merchandise finally shipping
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UPDATE - 10/29@6:59PM: Reader thedigitalman also received his VIP package merchandise today and sent along these photos.

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourVIP ticket packages for the North American leg of Rush's current Clockwork Angels tour were sold through VIP Nation rather than Live Nation as they were on the Time Machine tour. The ticket packages once again cost in the $300 range and included a variety of Rush tour merchandise and a VIP ticket guaranteed to be in the first 15 rows. The big difference this go-around was that ticketbuyers were not made aware of the exact location of their seat until the day of the show, with the best seats going to those who bought their tickets first. Regarding the merchandise portion of the packages, they initially promised that package buyers would receive the swag before the date of the show, but just like on the Time Machine tour there were unexpected delays in putting the packages together. The delays were so bad this time that I've only now finally started receiving reports of fans receiving their merchandise - well over half way into the tour. Reader Andy had bought a VIP ticket package for opening night in Manchester and received his package merchandise just today. So it's anticipated that VIP Nation is shipping out the packages for each show in chronological order. Andy also sent along this photo of the contents of the package which include a black Clockwork Angels tour shirt (design on front only), a collectible Clockwork Angels tour poster (numbered, limited), a tour program, a Rush explosion tote bag, and a set of official guitar picks. Also included is a commemorative tour laminate that was given out to fans when they picked up their tickets.

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#32 - Posted 11/3/12 @10:30AM by vancraig [contact]

Sept 30th show in edmonton is long gone, I asked the airheads @ VIP nation 3 times to change my addy....I moved in July, they said it was set for shipping mid Oct, now still not shipped and im wondering how the heck they couldnt get it changed? Anyways its all the stall crap I hate and wondering if theyve outsourced this too>> to the phillipines as its sounding like that nonsense you get from there.
#31 - Posted 10/31/12 @8:01AM by DiceHill2112 [contact]

jaeger: I'm glad you lucked into it. Those were awesome seats. Some weren't so lucky. Just saying that the swag could of been a little nicer - higher budget.
#30 - Posted 10/30/12 @6:29PM by jaeger [contact]

#19 Not feeling dumb after getting front row in Boston. Beats the heck out of a "meet and greet" to be in front of the man for 3 hours, too! (The _real_ relation)
#29 - Posted 10/30/12 @2:50PM by flyingmelon53 [contact]

I was completely satisfied with my seat I purchased 2nd row center in Edmonton...but the swag package is kinda meh. I did really like the poster from the TM it framed. But I was hopeful that this package would include one of the posters that was sold at the concert...which I held off on getting for just that reason. And I'm pretty sure the package said "hoodie" or am I wrong?
And this next statement is probably going to get me banned from the website-but I never liked the exploding logo. I appreciate it, sure, but...
#28 - Posted 10/30/12 @12:58PM by CraigJ [contact]

#24 - 11/25 Phoenix.
#27 - Posted 10/30/12 @12:47PM by kjbird [contact]

#25 - front row right now for Charlotte are going for $315. GREAT price - man, if i lived closer and could rearrange my schedule i'd be there in a heartbeat!!! What's wild to me is how one venue can have that, and another (like Buffalo) can charge $600 for lower bowl side seats. WHAT?!
#26 - Posted 10/30/12 @12:46PM by kjbird [contact]

Just noticed a tweet on this site from WS BeemerBoyz....surprised Neil is biking to Charlotte with the elements as they are. I'm sure it's nothing for him, but still surprised. Be safe on the road everyone! Have a great show and for those Rush fans out east, positive thoughts and vibes being sent your way. Hope Sandy wasn't too cruel to you, i know a lot of people are hurting right now.
#25 - Posted 10/30/12 @12:46PM by wires_that_vibrate [contact]

I agree with #21 its all about value and what you are getting for your entertainment dollar, Rush does deliver and $300.00 is not a huge sum,when talking about context, considering what other acts get or I should say want to get. Speaking of concert tickets and pricing there is some hope for humanity, regarding Madonna ticket prices in Vancouver....I know I know blasphemy ...(I just puked in my mouth a little) prices are being slashed from $375.00 to $50-$60. Lol
So there you go. There is Hope

Viva Las Vegas
#24 - Posted 10/30/12 @12:36PM by kjbird [contact]

#23 - when is your show? Hoping you get the seats you like!
#23 - Posted 10/30/12 @12:27PM by CraigJ [contact]

Personally I'm OK with the shirt not having anything on the back as long as it's decent quality. In all honesty I dont really care about the merchandise - I just wanted the tickets. I got mine the instant they went on sale, hoping for front row Alex side. $300 for really good seats these days isn't all that bad, really. Most curent acts have figured out that the money is in the concerts, not the albums...

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