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Interview with Clockwork Angels String Ensemble violinist and concert master Joel Derouin
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Clockwork Angels String Ensemble membersRob over at the Rush Vault recently caught up with Clockwork Angels String Ensemble concert master and violinist Joel Derouin for an interview before Rush's October 20th show in Newark. Rob talks with Joel about his background, how the string section came together, the string sections on Clockwork Angels, how the tour is going and more. Here's Joel's description of the string arrangements:

They're different. The violins are playing guitar parts, the cellos are playing bass parts. Sometimes we're matching their (Geddy and Alex's) parts. David is such an incredible writer, that the music we're playing kind of infiltrates their music and their sound. I think it's really enhancing. For a three-piece band, Rush sounds huge. They're like an orchestra to begin with. So when you add us to it, with the natural sound of real strings, it really sparkles.

And here are Joel's comments on Rush:

The guys are incredible. They're the nicest human beings I've ever met. They're very, very generous. Being a part of this tour has been one of the best situations I've ever been in in my career. To be sure, the tour has been a sacrifice, especially for my family, but it's Rush, so what can I tell you?

You can read the entire interview at this location. Rob did a good job of keeping spoilers out of the interview so it's a safe read (except for the caption of the accompanying video). Also be sure to check out Rob's profile of each member of the String Ensemble in this post. Below is a short video (*SPOILERS*) of Joel with Audrey Solomon and Adele Stein from an appearance on Kim Mitchell's Q107 radio show when the band played Toronto:

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#7 - Posted 11/1/12 @10:40PM by Hill

This is why I hate ignorant DJs: "Wow, what that Lakeside Park or something?"
#6 - Posted 10/30/12 @5:38PM by Proton2112 [contact]

That violinist from Alaska is a looker. Miss Alaska 2000 and a classical violinist. Top that. X D
#5 - Posted 10/28/12 @5:21PM by Watchmaker9 [contact]

I was worried for a number of reasons about the strings, but they are done the best way possible. It just fits.

They could do a tour with the strings with all of the songs. Animate and Nobody's Hero would sound so good. Imagine if they came up with a new instrumental with them. It could be sweet.
#4 - Posted 10/28/12 @4:08PM by anotherrushfan [contact]

The strings are, indeed, a great enhancement both musically and visually. They manage to avoid the twin dangers (which I have witnessed with other bands) of being either cheesy or pretentious and their "rocking" to the music seems 100% natural and neither forced, nor just for show. They really do seem to be having a blast up there.

And you can't argue with two sexy Rush chicks on stage. :)

I hope if there is to be another Rush tour that the band can bring the strings along again.
#3 - Posted 10/28/12 @12:14PM by Quantum2112

I can hardly wait for the Vegas show! From all the past reviews and comments, the string section has been a huge hit! Taking my wife for her 2nd RUSH concert and my 8th!
#2 - Posted 10/28/12 @12:10PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

hey Liver! good to hear from you. Hope you and your wife had a great trip. Sucks that the concert dates didn't jive though.
#1 - Posted 10/28/12 @12:06PM by Liverpool 78

Hello all

My wife and I have just returned from a North America holiday in New York and Toronto. Unfortnuately our dates didn't coincide with any gigs so we have to wait until next May before we get to see the guys and the strings.

From what I've seen on line the strings sound great and really add to the over all production.


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