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Rush Clockwork Angels tour setlist update
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UPDATE - 9/12@10:57AM: Reader ninjadave was given a copy of the setlist from the soundbooth after last night's show which shows both the Night A and Night B sets, and it seems to indicate that the band has tweaked both of them. Last night's setlist looks like it will be the new Night A setlist from here on out, and the Night B setlist was also tweaked. The adjustments all come in the second set of the show, and both setlist's encores are now identical. You can check out the photo of the setlist here (*SPOILERS*). In light of this new information, I'll be referring to the first Night A and Night B setlists as version 1. The plot thickens! :)

Rush pulled another fast one on us last night and changed up the setlist for the 3rd show in a row; 3 shows, 3 setlists. We had expected the band to play their A setlist at last night's show in Pittsburgh, and for the most part that was the case. But they ended up swapping out 2 of the Night A songs for a couple of Night B songs ... making what I am calling the Night C Night A version 2 setlist for the time being. Who knows what they'll do at tomorrow's show in Indianapolis? Note that there were no new songs played last night, it was essentially a combination of the Night A and Night B setlists. Here are the 3 setlists so far (obvious SPOILERS):

[Night A setlist, version 1] - Sept 7th in Manchester
[Night B setlist, version 1] - Sept 9th in Bristow
[Night A setlist, version 2] - Sept 11th in Pittsburgh

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#164 - Posted 9/18/12 @3:49PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

everytime they say the word knowledge
i keep hearing N'awlins


hugs for mental big dogs beneful baked delights
#163 - Posted 9/18/12 @3:32PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

modern day analogs thicken like roux

#162 - Posted 9/18/12 @12:31PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

I'd much rather hear Tai Shan than Red Sector, eh, on a Cet-list, for time~~>arrow today


wait, how many C's in setlist?

i've got your fake laminate right here, baby!
#161 - Posted 9/14/12 @6:27PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

To hell with "butchered, barely recognizable songs" How about Ged' crackin' his vocal cords so bad he couldnt sing ANYTHING for 6 months ?
#160 - Posted 9/14/12 @2:39AM by Redcygnus [contact]

I'd love to have been a fly on the wall in the rehearsal hall for this tour to see if the reason for the lack of pre-MP stuff is Geddy's voice? I don't know why they even tried Circumstances a few tours back, because you could tell Geddy was straining and it wasn't suprising it was dropped mid-tour. I think I would be happier if I knew that they tried some of the old stuff, but Geddy just couldn't handle the high-end vocals anymore. I would rather they not play something if it was to end up too butchered or re-arraigned to be barely recognizable.

Last tour heavily PeW and MP material. This tour GUP and PoW material. Next tour lots of HyF (with Tai Shan) through RTB material?

I am glad I like CA a lot since they are playing a lot of it. This is unlike the S&A tour where I couldn't wait for them to finish most of the songs from S&A which is a seldom listened to album for me except for 3 tracks (one of those never played live.)

The best part for me is them dropping LL, TSOR, FW, etc. You can see them on the last few tour DVDs. It will be good to have some more of PoW songs live on video since not all of them were included on the A Show of Hands DVD.
#159 - Posted 9/13/12 @7:16PM by CraigJ [contact]

#155: ?! Blush?
#158: Subdivisions Video.
#158 - Posted 9/13/12 @6:09PM by bensommer [contact]

How did this thread wind up on Tempest??
#157 - Posted 9/13/12 @5:55PM by MarkMcA [contact]

+1 that scouser.

(His comments had been deleted before I saw them, can only imagine now. White supremacy? Deep South? The mind boggles...!)

Hope to join you at the UK gigs, dude. YNWA... (and that's from a Manc)
#156 - Posted 9/13/12 @5:42PM by Liverpool 78

#120 -

Sorry to take so long to respond but I've been out living a life since you posted your rather alarming comment.

I don't pretend to have full knowledge of what you are talking about since I am not American and have not researched the rather short history of your country and it's democracy, nor do have any real knowledge of the white supremascist movement of the early 6o's in the deep south of your country.

What I can say however is that I find your comment personally insulting, as well as your further useage of the word 'fanboy'. I don't know how old you are nor do I care but you need to show a bit of maturity and realise that if you come and post on Rushisaband, a site for people who like Rush then people are going to come back at you if they don't like waht you say.

Furhtermore if you have plenty of friends contacting you personally to tell you how much they agree with you and that they think the band and their music stink well maybe you should set up a blog site called then you'll all have somewhere to vent your spleen without anyone disagreeing with you.

Just sayin' is all.

And I ain't no fanboy.

#155 - Posted 9/13/12 @5:00PM by MarkMcA [contact]

CraigJ - I love you and want to have your babies. Never thought I'd see that again. *nostalgic sniff*

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