Friday, September 7, 2012

Clockwork Angels tour opening night in Manchester open thread
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UPDATE - 9/11@10:29AM: Here's a YouTube playlist of the entire show courtesy Brad P.

UPDATE - 9/9@10:16AM: Here's a review of Friday night's show from the MetroWest Daily News (thanks RushFanForever).

UPDATE - 9/8@9:16PM: John at attended last night's show and posted a huge gallery of photos to his website.

UPDATE - 9/8@3:33PM: The Bubba's Bar n Grill Twitter feed has posted a couple of behind-the-scenes photos from the concert video shoot here and here.

UPDATE - 9/8@3:26PM: Official photos from opening night are now posted at this location (thanks hermy).

UPDATE - 9/8@9:02AM: A few readers have posted a bunch of great photos to the opening night photo gallery. There's also this Flickr gallery from reader King_Buzzo. There are also already a bunch of videos on YouTube including this one from Kelly D.

UPDATE - 9/7@11:12PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 14 *** Here's one final spoiler update on the closing video below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@10:49PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 13 *** It's over! Encore tracks below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@10:36PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 12 *** Things are wrapping up and the encore will be coming up soon. The last few tracks below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@10:08PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 11 *** Info on the next few tracks and more below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@9:51PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 10 *** Info on the next few tracks and more below the fold. By the way a BIG thanks to hermy, Todd V, Nestor A and others for the up-to-the-second updates.

UPDATE - 9/7@9:28PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 9 *** Info on the next 2 tracks and more below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@9:11PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 8 *** The second set has begun. Info on the opening song, the intermission video and more below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@8:47PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 7 *** It's intermission time! A report on the final few tracks from the first set and another tidbit about the stage show below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@8:36PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 6 *** I apologize for the server issues. The site has never experienced traffic this high before. I'm having to do a lot of tweaking to keep my server's heart beating. Your patience is appreciated. A report on the next 2 tracks below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@8:25PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 5 *** A report on the next 2 tracks below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@8:13PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 4 *** A report on the next 2 tracks and a photo of Geddy's equipment below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@8:01PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 3 *** The first 3 songs are now over. A report on what these are along with some notes on the new intro video. All the details below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@7:47PM: The opening video has begun!

UPDATE - 9/7@7:28PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 2*** Reader hermy sent along a report along with photos regarding the stage setup. He also caught a glimpse of the setlist on stage and was able to catch what the opener and encore songs are. All the details below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@5:55PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 1*** Reader hermy is at the show and just reported that soundcheck has ended. More details below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/7@1:35PM: Here are a couple of photos of the Rush Clockwork Angels tour machine outside the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester (thanks hermy).

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush will be kicking off their long-anticipated Clockwork Angels tour tonight at 7:30PM at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH. The band has managed to keep a very tight lid on things in regards to the setlist, so there have been no leaks. It looks like we'll have to wait until tonight to find out which 25 or so of the 200+ songs from their repertoire they decide to play. We know that a good chunk will be taken up by tracks from the Clockwork Angels album, but the rest remain a mystery. I plan on posting tonight's setlist to this thread (below the fold and with appropriate spoiler warnings) as it happens as well as any other interesting details regarding the show. If you are going to the show and are willing to text/email me setlist/show updates, please let me know. For everyone going tonight, have fun and be sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. Rush!!!

Date/Time: Friday, September 7th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 1
Venue: Verizon Wireless Arena
Place: Manchester, NH

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reviews: [reviews] [setlist]

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