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Rush Sector box sets replacement disks update
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UPDATE - 2/9@1:18PM: Fans who have reported calling the 800 number in the US have been getting asked to give their name, number and address and told that they'd get back to them. Apparently they are still working on how to distribute the disks. I sent a message to the email address given and received a reply that they'd be sending the replacements as soon as possible, but no further information. At this point I'm not aware of anyone who has actually received the replacements yet. If you have, please let me know.

UPDATE - 2/7@6:56PM: From the Rush Facebook page:

Replacement 'Fly By Night' CD's and 'A Farewell To Kings' DVDs are now available.

For US & Canadian fans, please contact Universal customer services team on:
Phone: 1-800-288-5942

For fans in the UK & Ireland please contact:
UK e-mail:
UK Phone: +44 (0) 845 250 0965

For fans in Germany please contact:
Germany e-mail:

For fans in any other country please contact your original Sector store where you made the purchase for assistance in getting your replacement discs.
Universal will ensure corrected discs get to the Sector-buying fans worldwide as soon as they possibly can.

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 2/6@7:51PM: Reader ReGorLaTroy contacted Amazon US and was assured by them that the Sector box sets now in stock are the corrected versions. They have sent him a shipping label and return authorization form and have promised to replace his box sets with the newer, corrected versions (he has to return the old ones). So if you purchased your sets through Amazon, it sounds like you can bypass Universal altogether and get replacement box sets by contacting them.

Rush Sector box setsBack in December Rush acknowledged some technical flaws with the Sector box sets, which were released in late November. They posted an official message on and on their Facebook page which read as follows:

We are aware of some slight technical issues surrounding the CD of 'Fly By Night' inside the Sector 1 box set release and the DVD for 'A Farewell To Kings' inside the Sector 2 box set that some fans are experiencing. It stems from a production flaw and it is currently being addressed. As soon as production is completed a formal announcement of how to replace the discs will follow shortly. Please be aware that there may be a time delay in shipping and receiving the disc and we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience - Geddy, Alex & Neil

It's been over 2 months since this message was posted and fans have been patiently waiting for an update ever since. Since the box sets were released via Universal Records, there was little Rush themselves could do to expedite matters. They have been waiting along with the rest us. However, there may finally be some movement on the issue as Amazon's UK listings for the Sector 1 and Sector 2 box sets now includes the following message (thanks Neil H):

Please note. There are known technical issues on some stock of the Rush box sets: the CD of "Fly By Night" inside the Sector 1 box set release and the DVD for "A Farewell To Kings" inside the Sector 2 box set. The problem has been fixed with all new stock, but customers who believe they have received faulty stock can obtain replacement discs by emailing

Note that the actual message on the site uses the incorrect email address - it should be There currently is no corresponding message posted on the US or Canadian Amazon listings for the box sets, and after emailing the address above, I was informed that this particular email address was only for replacing disks purchased in the UK and Ireland. I'm still waiting on word regarding a similar email address being set up for US and Canadian purchasers. So if you purchased the sets in the UK or Ireland and think that you have the flawed disks, just send an email to to obtain replacement disks.

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#8 - Posted 5/19/12 @8:31AM by merv2112 [contact]

Just opened Sector 1 and both copies of FBN are CDs :-( My set was purchased from Amazon (UK) and see that they have pulled Sector 1 from sale again.
#7 - Posted 2/9/12 @1:16PM by dcd2112 [contact]

I don't know if the replacement discs are actually available to anyone who purchased the set from a physical retail location in the US. I called the customer service number yesterday and the person took my information but had no actual information regarding replacement discs. No ETA. No specific plan as to how the discs would be replaced. Only a vague comment that they would "let me know" when something was in place.
#6 - Posted 2/8/12 @7:16PM by superrushfan [contact]

Hello anyone notice the missing ride cymbal hit in subdivisons on the time machine live in cleveland Cd it happens at the 31 sec mark.

#5 - Posted 2/6/12 @11:34PM by Lamb Saag [contact]

Well, I'd like a replacement for my Grace Under Pressure album. It has an audible defect heard at 0:16 in "Distant Early Warning." It sounds like the needle is scratching in the groove.

Strange, because I hear it when I put the cassette or the 8-track on the turntable, too...

#4 - Posted 2/6/12 @10:20PM by holeinone53575

Boring Rush news these days. When is the new single coming out? Is the tour still slated for September instead of June.
#3 - Posted 2/6/12 @1:21PM by MajorSkalle [contact]

I ordered my set before christmas and at that point, Showtech sent me an email regarding the flaws, and the had to ship them at a later date.
They were shipped a while ago, though. I received them last week (as I'm stationed in Norway), so as far as I know, the issue's fixed.
#2 - Posted 2/6/12 @12:38PM by mitch18ss [contact]

Anyone notice the SNL sketch a few weeks ago (Daniel, Radcliffe hosted) entitled 2112?!?
#1 - Posted 2/6/12 @12:36PM by robertkincaid96 [contact]


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