Sun, Dec 2 @ Toyota Center in Houston, TX

REVIEWS AND POST-SHOW ANALYSIS: The show is over - what did you think? Give your review or just recount your experience.

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#6 - Posted 12/05/2012 2:01 PM by The Mighty Dudad [contact]

Sunday was a great show. Pretty packed house, reasonably loud, and the band was on fire.

The highlight for me, however, took place before the show when I had the opportunity to spend almost an hour backstage hanging with several members of the string ensemble. Got an upclose tour of Stage Left and Right, chatted briefly with Jack Secret, "Great" Scott the guitar tech (who Alex "fired" during the encore), and Howard, and caught a fleeting glimpse of Ray Danniels, but sadly no Alex or Geddy sighting. Spent quality time in the dressing room with the strings. Very cool bunch of people.
#5 - Posted 12/03/2012 9:55 PM by kjbird [contact]

#4 - great pics! Thx for posting.
#4 - Posted 12/03/2012 4:33 PM by mstmompj [contact]

If your interested in living it all again, at least visually, I took a few (hundred) photos at last night's show. You can see them at link . These were taken from the 4th row, just to Alex's side of center. That may or may not be why he is overrepresented in this collection of photos. ;-)
#3 - Posted 12/03/2012 11:49 AM by lisah [contact]

#2, Iwas also there last nite. What a great nite it was. I agree that the entire setlist "rocked my ass off". I saw them also on Friday nite in SA. Both shows were simply off the charts. I am so hoarse from 2 nights back-to-back. It is worth every penny I spent. I've never been happy about having a sore throat before. LOL! I say they could play anything or nothing & Iwould go to as many shows as I could. Can't wait until they announce more US dates for second-leg, next year. I hope that it is soon!! RUSH ON MY FRIEND!!!
#2 - Posted 12/03/2012 2:14 AM by davo [contact]

Just got in from the show, CA set was intense and am glad to have seen it live. I read several of the other reviews and alot of people think the 1st set sux. I personally don't get ragged about the line up that Rush chooses to play I just go to enjoy the show that THEY choose to put on. Their energy tonight was off the chart and were definately enjoying themselves. All in all worth every penny and cant wait for the DVD.
#1 - Posted 12/03/2012 1:23 AM by Terrell39 [contact]

Just saw the show! Slightly different setlist than San Antonio two nights ago (which I did not see). Instead of Middletown Dreams (one of my favs which I wanted to see!!), instead they played Limelight(: I have already seen that song live a dozen times. On the 2nd half of the set with the strings instead of Manhatten Project (which would have worked great with strings), they played Dreamline. Again, a song I had seen already on several tours. I don't know why Rush decided on these last minute changes, but they were not welcome ones.

My main gripe is that because this was the last date of the US tour, the merchandise was so low, that before the show even started, they ran out of tour programs! I don't buy the shirts, just programs and have since I started going to Rush shows back on the Hold Your Fire tour. I was so mad there were no programs (Backstage club is also sold out!), I could not even enjoy the first few songs.

At least they did play Grand Designs, Territories, and the Analog Kid...all of which I was very much looking forward to. The band sounded great and the visuals were breath taking. One note of awkwardsness...at the start of 2112 Overture when Alex is supposed to start playing...his guitar would not work! Once it did start a few seconds later, he said through the microphone (to his tech) "You are so fired!" HAHAHA The new material sounded amazing and The Anarchist, Carnies, and Headlong Flight ROCKED. The audience's favorite song was probably YYZ. It got the best reaction.
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