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Rush Clockwork Angels tour Houston open thread
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UPDATE - 12/5@7:25AM: Official photos from the show have been posted at

UPDATE - 12/3@4:34PM: Here's a great Flickr photo gallery of last night's show from reader mstmompj.

UPDATE - 12/3@3:29PM: Here's a review from the Houston Press.

UPDATE - 12/3@9:48AM: Here's a gallery of photos that was posted over at

UPDATE - 12/3@7:23AM: Rush played version of the Night A setlist that was similar to the one they played in Buffalo with one exception in the 2nd set; complete setlist here.

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourThis is it. Rush will close out the 2012 Clockwork Angels tour tonight at the Toyota Center in Houston. Not to worry though - assuming the rumors are true, they should be back again next year for another run of North American dates. Hopefully we'll get some official word on that front soon. For this last stop on the tour the band is due to play some version of their Night A setlist, but certainly may change things up a little. As soon as I find out what version of the set was played along with any changes, I'll be sure to post it here. For everybody going to the show tonight, have fun, stay safe, and be sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. Ruussshhhh!!

Date/Time: Sunday, December 2nd @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 35
Venue: Toyota Center
Place: Houston, TX

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#56 - Posted 2/28/13 @6:54PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

"stop the ads i need to google something challenge. seems to me it's chemistry."

google vs. bing

#55 - Posted 2/28/13 @6:52PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

me and rand um smileys open thread
secrets retreats post mardi gras post

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clouds i set in motion, off all messiahhs in red shoes.

stop the ads i need to google something challenge. seems to me it's chemistry.

activate the windows... pass the pint. pass the point. join us pine person worthy of kindling.
#54 - Posted 12/9/12 @7:35PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

#53 - Posted 12/9/12 @5:05PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

Better late than never, eh? It's been a week since the Houston show and I am finally getting to upload some pics. First and foremost, I think I mislabeled the caption of one of my photos entitled "Reunited with...", so if you can clear that up for me Ed, I would appreciate it. (we know who we are!) Yet the sentiment remains the same... it was so great to see the contingency of Rush fans, especially the ones who we met on opening night in Manchester, there at Houston for the 'final drive. The point of the journey is'... 'just keep on going'!

(just to note regarding the pics that i posted that i asked everyone if it was ok to post their pics on here and they said ok...if i missed someone who doesn't want their pic posted, please feel free to delete them, sorry)

The hotel bar and the designated smoking area pre-and-post-show were a beehive of fans from all over. It was great to see everyone that we've met at previous shows and venues, and to meet some new ones, too. I want to send a shout out to the guy who shares my real first name whom I met on the last tour in Detriot (at O'Malleys), who wears the red jumpsuit and got the sticks in Cleveland, whom I also saw at Manchester and also in Houston, who was under the weather this time, and I hope is feeling better. Another shout out to the "Rat" pellet girl and friends... thanks for showing me the pics of the homemade airship out of an SUV... how awesome! And of course my friend who travels solo to the shows from PA who has my Louisiana 200 year anniversary Bacchus Mardi Gras medallion on her fridge... who makes me envious of going to RushCon. Rush fans are unique in their comraderie! It's so great to see all of my peoples!

Having completed my 24th Rush concert since 1981, I look forward to my silver anniversary show in 2013! Although I am yet to get any sticks (i guess that i really should make a sign), I did get to hold Neil's sticks finally after the show in Houston! Thank you so much to the person at the hotel bar after the show for letting me touch them and hold them and play with them and twirl them and double paradiddle with them! Besides the concert itself, that had to be the highlight of the evening for me! Holding those sticks in my hands was truly a spiritual experience. I've been playing drums since age 5, and I know what sticks feel like in my hand, but these were different! There was a residual energy that Neil had left behind lingering within them. They actually felt kind of like weighted 'dice', and floated upwards when held and twirrled. It was as if a counterbalance was drilled within the core of them, as if they were fluid! It's really hard to describe...they were not a 'floating snare', but rather floating sticks! if gnomes dipped and tripped them in lysergy. The rough gouges and notches in them were a testiment to the hard work and dedication put into them by a true master of the percussive arts. His energy lingered, I tell you!

The day after the concert, when all of the circus tents and balloons were deflated and the wafts of combustables and popcorn had been blown away, and I had to part with my counterpart 'edgeofthewind' at the airport, there was another prize (every time) in store for me. Just when I thought this tour was over, having hallucinated Alex as a TSA agent while passing security, there at my departing gate, alone and dejected and hung over, I recognized a couple of guys from the string section, and got to take a picture with them. It was the icing on the frosting! I've been elated ever since! Twas the next best thing to a meet and greet!

We're uploading some great vids to for your enjoyment:

Geaux to youtube/ "edgeofthewind" for shows we saw in Albuquerque, West Palm Beach, New Orleans, Portland(row 3), The Gorgeous Gorge Washington, Manchester NH, Anaheim(row 3), Universal City, and Houston.

(I hope this post is OK with everyone, and I don't have to apply the "Ataturk Rule" again, sans Super Mega Uber Umlaut, lol)

Back home in NOLA now, this 'bleeding heart' libertarian quadragenarian steampunk percussionist just may go shunpiking for a territorial game-playing crab in Lafitte, or perhaps just have a soft-shell at Galatoires.

(...or bears and sasquatches in fracking east cowfart, montana!)

Until later!
#52 - Posted 12/3/12 @10:39PM by smiley [contact]

Cool everybody loved the show, even caught a RUSH shirt, high in hand(!) Love meeting cool fans from all over the sphere. got there without ticket, cool tic guy comes through yet again, sound was great top center, never sat before, neck hurts as you imagine, cool sector fans, not timid, loved lights straight in our eyes too, strobe sync strings hypnotic, supernal view, perfect screen, lights and pyro, old and new fans loving the experience of virtuosity, great effort RUSH fans! Bridgeport 2ndcenter was cool too. Will be back for more God Willing! Great concert for the kids, inspiring experience!
#51 - Posted 12/3/12 @2:54PM by quecutie [contact]

The show was amazing! But, then again, it was RUSH... they only do "amazing"!!!

Best seats ever. Best sound ever. The string section killed it, too.
It looked every Rush fan in the region was there... I can't wait until the 2nd leg!
#50 - Posted 12/3/12 @2:00PM by wires_that_vibrate [contact]

At Lisa yes that is the plan if all works out well we are going to be in the area anyway so hopefully it works out the wife and I will catch Sweden for sure (I dont know why, she wants to see the festival)for me RUSH is the only festival. Anyway Finland could be in the cards.

#49 - Posted 12/3/12 @12:59PM by lisah [contact]

I can't beleive it is over! It was worth the extremely long wait, but it definitely ended all too soon. I am always left wanting more from these guys. I guess that is one of many reasons that they have no equal in my book!
#48 - Posted 12/3/12 @12:48PM by lisah [contact]

#45WTV, Are you going to try to catch a Rush show when you go to the "homeland"? Either way, it sounds like a great trip, especially if it's a family gathering. Enjoy you trip.
#47 - Posted 12/3/12 @12:45PM by lisah [contact]

Aren't all of us Rush Chicks fiesty, with razor-sharp wit? Hell, I thought it was a pre-requisite for being on this site! Where else could you find this caliber of rocker-chicks outside of going to a biker bar! LOL! My husband wanted me to reiterate that he caught a "I love lamp" shirt from Pratt's cannon last nite. I can tell this story is going to be re-told a lot. He is soooo very proud!

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