Sun, Dec 2 @ Toyota Center in Houston, TX

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#17 - Posted 12/07/2012 5:22 PM by Terrell39 [contact]

For 2014 when rush hopefully goes on a 40th anniversary tour, I hope they again (like the 30th ann tour), try to play at least 1 song from each lp. songs not played for a long time like fly by night, something for nothing and some never played like chain lightning & color of right would be very welcome
#16 - Posted 12/03/2012 12:39 AM by Gob [contact]

Bad Ass....loved it....The Boys where on top of it to night .....So Cool..
#15 - Posted 12/01/2012 9:11 PM by lisah [contact]

unable to meet up pre-show, but, were in SA friday night also. We rocked the Alamo City Texas Style!! Will be there tomorrow night also, gonna' rock The toyota center off it's foundation!! Live it all again!!!
#14 - Posted 12/01/2012 7:38 PM by Callawayman518 [contact]

Anyone meeting up prior to the last show of the US tour :(

San Antonio rocked last night..Cant wait til Sunday evening!!

#13 - Posted 12/01/2012 8:01 AM by No. 1 Fan [contact]

We are meeting at Mia bella before the concert at 5:30.
#12 - Posted 11/29/2012 9:34 PM by DUG K. [contact]

I so wish I could go see them again for the last date on this U.S. leg of their CA tour. ATL was so good but I so rather a indoor arena. Maybe they'll hit New Orleans in the spring before Europe.
#11 - Posted 11/29/2012 2:49 PM by MerelyPlayer [contact]

Traveling from Mexico for my fifth consecutive Rush tour... rock on!
So everything points out that they will be playing their A setlist, and that means "Bravado" instead of "The pass"... darn it!

I love both tunes, but I was hopeful to hear The Pass live since Bravado was played on the 30th anniversary tour.

All my previous shows attending the CW pavillion, so looking forward for my first ever indoor show.

Anyone can share their experience on acoustics at the Toyota Center? Is it good?

See ya there fellow Rush fans! VIVA RUSH!
#10 - Posted 11/28/2012 1:45 PM by Taqiyah [contact]

I did the same thing.. Torture.
#9 - Posted 11/28/2012 12:32 PM by tdwag85

I don't know about you, but I am sick of waiting for the concert. I bought tickets 7 months ago and that, my friend, is too long to wait.
#8 - Posted 11/01/2012 5:41 PM by Taqiyah [contact]

Will be attending my first Rush concert and we are pumped! I am excited as I will be attending with my son. We were wondering if there is tailgating before the concert. We wanted to hang out with other Rush fans before the show. We can't wait!
#7 - Posted 10/26/2012 2:01 PM by ervnos [contact]

I have 1 ticket for sale, row 5 Floor C, Alex's side.
#6 - Posted 07/06/2012 5:36 PM by THE ONION BAG [contact]

has anyone seen or heard of the setlist that will be played on this tour?
#5 - Posted 05/03/2012 12:23 PM by ShowOfGlands [contact]

#4 you are right. I just called and they said there are 22 rows in the front sections and the seat numbering starts on the right (as you are facing the stage).
#4 - Posted 05/03/2012 6:47 AM by mstmompj [contact]

#3, my understanding is that there are 22 rows in A/B/C. I do not know this for an absolute fact though.
#3 - Posted 05/02/2012 8:43 PM by ShowOfGlands [contact]

Does anyone know how exactly the Floor seats will be laid out at Toyota Center?

I can't even figure out how many rows are in each section and which side the seat numbering starts from. They have the Seat3D system for Rockets games but their info for concerts is sorely lacking.

I am trying to decide between *Floor A Row 21* and *Floor D Row 1*.

If 21 is the last row of Floor A then I am thinking D1 would be the better choice since there is probably (?) a gap between them and it would give me a better view with no one in front of me.

On the other hand if Floor A has 30 rows then I will take the closer seats.
#2 - Posted 05/02/2012 1:53 PM by Jill_Ion [contact]

The Radio Presale code for Houston Toyota Center is "arrow".
#1 - Posted 04/30/2012 1:47 PM by capnbaker

In addition to signing the petition for VIP Nation to change their policies regarding not knowing what seat you'll get at time of purchase, I have written SRO politely expressing my frustration with the policy and inquiring why would SRO do business with such a company, when it is such an obvious disservice to the fans (who are the ones who pay the band, crew, management, promoters, etc).

I'm asking all reader of this fine blog to do the same. Let's inundate SRO's inbox with polite and reasonable objections to VIP Nation and SRO's association with them. I think we should go one step further: we should also write letters to Neil, Alex and Geddy (in care of SRO/Anthem) explaining our displeasure with the policy. I realize the odds of enacting change are slim, but if we let the guys in the band know (in large numbers) perhaps they can push for change on their end.

Thank you for reading and allowing me to vent.
Contact info for SRO/Anthem below:


Snail Mail:
189 Carlton St
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A SK7
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