Thu, Nov 15 @ HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA

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#6 - Posted 11/19/2012 11:58 AM by kublakhan

it's interesting how some tours will favor certain periods in rush history. lately it's been a preoccupation with the 'permanent waves' and 'moving pictures' period, and before that a conscious embrace of rarities like 'cygus x-1' and 'a passage to bangkok.'

to my satisfaction and surprise, this tour takes on a phase that is near and dear to my heart, the '80s rush. i was frankly shocked at how much 'power windows' material was played, and i remember listening to 'a body electric' earlier in the day, convinced i wouldn't hear it that night. then, shazam! maybe the highlight of the night.

great show, great setlist (glad i got this one, particularly with 'seven cities' over 'wish them well).

there WERE some technical issues on my side of the house (alex's side). the keyboards dropped out entirely during the second verse of 'subdivisions,' and alex' pedals misfired a couple of times (thought i saw him "consult" a tech after one incident). i've seen rush on every tour since 'signals,' and usually things run so smoothly that it's kind of a treat to see something fuck up. :)

as fate would have it, i'll be in san antonio just in time for that show, so i'm hoping i get setlist b. if not, though, i'll still be happy, as i really do like this set.
#5 - Posted 11/16/2012 10:33 AM by scotto2112fan [contact]

Wow! What a spectacular show. Had "seats" on the floor and stood all night as Rush put on a great show. Highlights for me from the first set were Big Money, Territories, and Where's My Thing.

Alex and Geddy had Neil out and out laughing during Big Money, not just smiling or smirking. Songs like Grand Designs, The Body Electric, and Territories were never part of my "Rush rotation", now they will become staples. The old Show of Hands video during Force Ten was a treat.

There seemed to be no sound glitches during the whole show and never saw any techs running on stage. Though I could not hear the "SUBDIVSIONS" quote during the song. My feet hurt towards the end as we were standing on cement (but well worth it)

Set two with the Clockwork Angels songs was great, not just the music but the videos, lights, explosions, and other "extras". The 8 piece string section was really rocking and into the music, loved the closeups of the two cuties also. Favorite songs were Clockwork Angels, The Anarchist, and Heandlong Flight.

The two serious songs Manhatten Project and Red Sector A were well done, loved the old video during ManProj.

The pace really picked up when YYZ was played, then the crowd sang The Spirit of Radio at the end. Per usual it was a well behaved typical 95% male Rush crowd. Lots of security on the floor looking for smokers of the "kind".

The sound was great, easy access to the bathrooms, with a very energetic performance by all the guys. Loved when Geddy went to Alex's side and the crowd in the stands rose and danced and cheered. Alex was having a ball all night.

I do rank songs, records, and shows as part of my Rush fanatical ways. This my fellow Rushians was one of the all time great shows, even better than Time Machine. The last time I saw Rush at an inside venue was in 1996 for Test For Echo in Sacramento, so that was great to have a little bit better sound with the inside venue.

Was able to thank Howard U. after the show, he kind of looked at me funny. Ran into some RushIsABAnders prior to the show, again always the nicest of people.

All in all another great performance and well worth the $$. Hope they come back to San Jose soon, the 4 hour drive from Redding was worth the price of admission. OUTSTANDING!!!!
#4 - Posted 11/16/2012 10:18 AM by blake2112 [contact]

My 16th Rush show. Seen every tour since Test for Echo. I must say last nights performance was the best I have seen them. The energy from the band, the perfect setlist was tremendous. You can clearly tell they love playing this set and it comes through in the performance. Geddy's voice is holding up remarkably well this tour and was near perfect last night. I can't believe how the band continues to get better, simply unbelievable.
#3 - Posted 11/16/2012 4:05 AM by SigmundUrp [contact]

My 14th show, it was a very good one! Sound quality was initially good from my seat, but degraded to so-so after the bass drum got too loud from Body Electric onwards. I was very pleased with the string section, albeit somewhat jealous since I'm a violinist and I'm sure none of the violinists on stage spent their entire teen years fantasizing about playing violin with Rush like I did. The strings added a lot while somehow staying out of Geddy and Alex's way. I'm pretty sure the keyboards went silent for most of the second verse of Subdivisions, oops. First concert ever for my 11-year old, he loved it, so proud of him for taking the tissue paper out of his ears after the first song!
#2 - Posted 11/16/2012 3:21 AM by nodust [contact]

Nice to see some bible thumpers in front of the venue again. "Rush doesn't really sing about the devil.....but".. Ha Ha missed you guys.

Great to hear "the body electric", "territories" and "grand designs" for a change. Also liked "seven cities" which they didn't play at some other shows from what I gather on this board.

The sound at the HP Pavillion left something to be desired, but altogether a great night. Rush on.
#1 - Posted 11/16/2012 1:42 AM by sanjoseRUSHfan [contact]

Setlist A with Spirit of Radio
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