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Rush Clockwork Angels tour San Jose open thread
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UPDATE - 11/27@7:16AM: Here's a photo gallery from Concert Blogger.

UPDATE - 11/26@9:53AM: Here's a review from

UPDATE - 11/16@12:22PM: Here's another batch of photos courtesy John over at

UPDATE - 11/16@10:58AM: Here's a review of the show from (thanks John at

UPDATE - 11/16@7:11AM: Rush played their Night A setlist as expected; complete setlist here. Official photos from the show have been posted at

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush heads down the down the coast from Seattle to sunny California tonight to bring the Clockwork Angels tour to the HP Pavilion in San Jose, the first of a series of 4 shows in The Golden State. They are due to play some version of their Night A setlist, likely the one they played in Tampa a couple weeks ago. But it always possible that they'll change up a song or two like they did in Buffalo last month. As soon as I verify which setlist was played, I'll be sure to post it here. For everybody going to the show - have fun, be safe and make sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. RRUUUSSSSHHHHH!

Date/Time: Thursday, November 15th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 27
Venue: HP Pavilion
Place: San Jose, CA

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reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#38 - Posted 11/17/12 @6:40PM by e2 [contact]

#26 & 35: It was tough. I couldn't do the blackout like 35, so I limited my Rush news to RIAB, knowing that Ed does a tremendous job filtering the spoilers. Less than 24 hours from the show, I stumbled on a Where's My Thing spoiler and imposed a blackout then.
#37 - Posted 11/17/12 @3:04PM by Astrotama [contact]

#36 I noticed that right away too. In fact, he had some trouble too earlier in the song and he looked at Tony Geranios on the side of the stage. After it was fixed, he looked at Alex who was, of course, laughing at him. ;) Two of the upper screens were working only at 50% too during the second set. So, some technical glitches... Nothing to distract much from the general performance. ;)
#36 - Posted 11/17/12 @2:11PM by SigmundUrp [contact]

No one noticed the keyboards disappearing during the second verse of Subdivisions ("Drawn like moths we drift into the city...")? You can hear it here link at the 4:44 mark, which also catches Geddy giving a quick WTF?! glance over to the sound guy. Fortunately for air-keyboardists like me in the audience, it only lasted about half a verse...
#35 - Posted 11/16/12 @8:00PM by ITheJury [contact]

To keep setlists a surprise, I'm one of the people who - with serious difficulty - goes on Rush blackout soon before a tour starts (only coming to this site with ticket inquiries or such, and getting in and out FAST...).

Never before have I been rewarded like I was this time. I can appreciate this must not have been to many peoples' taste but I'm a huge fan of synth-era Rush and as you can imagine this setlist felt like like a gift. Body Electric was my highlight, that's been on my wishlist forever.

Afterward I thought, what if they'd played "Middletown Dreams"... and I realized - oh my god - they have been playing that too! But given the choice, I prefer the setlist I got.

I also had no idea how the orchestra thing was going to work, and man did Rush put an awesome twist on that. I loved how they were standing and getting into it - to me the experiment worked big time.

Next time... a humble request for High Water! (another from my Rushpetition wishlist). The band seems to like use Bravado as a mellower interlude, but they've played that a lot and I think High Water would serve that purpose even better. Imagine the visuals that could go with that one.

Geddy, Alex, and Neil all seemed in great spirits, to the point that I wonder if this turned out to be one of their "magic shows"?
#34 - Posted 11/16/12 @6:08PM by kmpt [contact]

#32 I got the same shirt in Seattle a couple of days ago. Best birthday present EVER! I love lamp is a reference to movie Anchorman.
#33 - Posted 11/16/12 @4:39PM by The Sphere [contact]

#30 - I enjoyed reading your review, thanks... and glad you pointed out Howard Ungerleider's excellent lighting effect during the mid-section of The Wreckers... slanted white pulses that bring a pseudo-3D effect to the backing film. Cool!

#32 - Posted 11/16/12 @1:22PM by Earthshine_sf [contact]

I got a shirt that Alex threw - it made it to the 17th row on the floor!

WTF is up with the incredibly bizarre photo of Alex and the "I love lamp" text on the back. It's quite possibly the weirdest t-shirt I've ever seen.
#31 - Posted 11/16/12 @12:57PM by johndowden [contact]

Was quite stoked when I found out we nabbed front row, center seats. Was an experience my son and I will never forget. Despite the crazy woman next to me almost jumping over the barrier, it was the best way to spend my birthday.

Was particularly impressed with Where's My Thing? live; much much guts than the studio version. And I think Carnies should be played in every show from now on.
The string section were really rocking out, singing along and just having a blast. Such a great idea to tour with live strings. Also thought the drum solo integrated into Headlong Flight was pitch perfect.

My son said is was the best concert he's ever been to. And he's seen a lot (Peter Gabriel, Radiohead, Green Day which is his favorite band, and Gov't Mule). He plays guitar so being right in front of Alex was a dream come true.
#30 - Posted 11/16/12 @12:32PM by Dorgon [contact]

Hi! I'm the writer of the review you linked to on "SpinnerPlatters" (real name:, and I wanted to thank you for linking.

Here's a high five and a tossed baseball cap to you.
#29 - Posted 11/16/12 @12:28PM by ythesun [contact]

Great show, superb set list with one disappointment (in my book): Tom Sawyer and 2112 are tired encores. And it seemed Neil kept a rather fast tempo, almost too fast, toward the end of the show. Maybe it was just me. As far as the crowd, I have to disagree with those who say they were excited, although my perspective is entirely relevant to my distant nosebleed seats. I have had third, fourth and seventh row Rush seats before, no experience can ever top it. This time around, delayed the ticket purchase and ended up in no man's land. . . with a bunch of still, wide-eyed silent types. Much of the rear crowd seemed half asleep. Maybe staring at their computers too much in Silicon Valley. Not I. Pounded a few skulls with cymbal crashes and overall loved the song selections. Force Ten, Analog Kid and Where's My Thing?, complete surprises. Manhattan Project, and then a personal favorite, Red Sector A, which always blows me away. And, of course, the Clockwork set, which included all songs except BU2B and (bummer) Wish Them Well. Halo Effect and Carnies, great to hear those songs. And The anarchist. Wow. Just wow. Final note: excellent video intros to the beginning of the concert, and the Clockwork set. Top notch. Love those guys, always have, always will.

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