Thu, Nov 15 @ HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA

CHECK-IN: Use this thread to check-in and say if you're going to this show, where your seats are and what your pre-show plans are.

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#13 - Posted 11/15/2012 8:48 AM by scotto2112fan [contact]

Leaving Redding now for San Jose. Kind of like Christmas this morning (very easy to wake up). Meeting old friends at San Pedro Square prior to the show. Got a hotel just blocks from HP Pavilion. I have truly been the Working Man, as yesterday was day 66 in a row working, nice to have a few days off. Looking forward to The Analog Kid and Seven Cities of Gold most of all. I will be the tall, balding fella with a blue and black Starman shirt with 2112 on the back. This will be show number 13, Perm Waves at the Cow Palace was number one. Looking forward to seeing you all at the show!
#12 - Posted 11/14/2012 6:48 PM by undertoad [contact]

Thanks for the seating chart link Scotto! Very helpful! :)
#11 - Posted 11/14/2012 6:37 PM by Rushfan007

29 HOURS ! And counting ! Saw a few clips of the Seattle concert on Youtube-
looks like an awesome show ! Be safe to ALL Rushians !
#10 - Posted 05/06/2012 2:06 PM by PsychiCat [contact]

Thanks Scotto for the cool link. Now I can tell how my view is going to be at the show. Coolness! 3D and everything. :D
#9 - Posted 05/02/2012 10:43 AM by TMMB [contact]

Floor 1 Row 9

Never been that lucky on Music Today.
Pretty excited!

re: post #8


Yes...those are aisle seats.
#8 - Posted 05/01/2012 12:24 PM by AbsentCurtis [contact]

Thanks scotto! It's a bit tough to read, but it does look like they are aisle seats or at least really close. I was hoping we were on Alex's side but overall, who cares its Rush!!!!
#7 - Posted 05/01/2012 12:24 AM by robertrobyn [contact]

Anyone know of a interactive seating map? TM used to have a seating chart to see exactly where your seats were. Just wanted to see where my seats were. Thanks for the help.

HP Pavillion 11-15-12
Floor 2
Row 19 Seats 9-10
#6 - Posted 04/30/2012 10:08 PM by scotto2112fan [contact]

Here is a better link for the seats:

#5 - Posted 04/30/2012 6:50 PM by AbsentCurtis [contact]

Floor 1, Row 21, Seats 13&14

Anyone know if these are aisle seats or not?
#4 - Posted 04/30/2012 5:32 PM by scotto2112fan [contact]

Floor 3
Row 23
Seat 3

Had trouble with the secret "word", but beyond that pretty happy with the seat.
#3 - Posted 04/30/2012 3:48 PM by robertrobyn [contact]

HP Pavillion 11-15-12
Floor 2
Row 19
Seats 9-10

Not to bad Im happy
#2 - Posted 04/24/2012 2:12 PM by sanjoseRUSHfan [contact]

Britania Arms or Henry's High Life Pre-Party!
#1 - Posted 04/21/2012 6:23 PM by robertrobyn [contact]

november 15 yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait
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