Sun, Oct 28 @ Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH

REVIEWS AND POST-SHOW ANALYSIS: The show is over - what did you think? Give your review or just recount your experience.

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#4 - Posted 10/30/2012 6:23 PM by Postpunk [contact]

Just posted my thoughts and some of my pictures from the show on my blog... link
#3 - Posted 10/29/2012 4:17 PM by drummerboy2112

I agree, Mr Satchel, my buddy was loving every tune, not just 5 or 6, he loved every song. As a newbie, this was encouraging. He even read up on the band prior, even noting the affect the tragedies had on Neil, which was important so he could get an idea of the history of this band. He also mentioned how amazed he was that they have been touring, and are touring this long at this age. Hell we were tired just watching the show, jumping around and such, can't imagine how Neil feels every night, I am amazed at his stamina. What an inspiration. I play prob 13-14 songs in a row and I'm done son.

Neil was SLAMMING his drums that night. I have seen them so many times and ive never seen the drumset move that much EVER. It looked great bc it reminded me of how his kit moved back in the day, and can be seen on the Exit Stage left video, you can the whole damn thing shaking, especially one of his rack toms. I honestly feel that he intentionally loosened things up to achieve that feeling of powerful drumming. I say this bc it didnt move much last year.

Alex was amazing, and the hiccup can be attributed to Neil on Dreamlime, he clicked in and saw Ged still walking to the side of the stage concerned about his in ear monitors, and he stopped the click count. Alex naturally came in when he thought he was supposed to.

GED was amazing, hitting high notes, he needs to rethink the drop tuning and such when he records albums, he can hit them, and should restart trying anyways.
#2 - Posted 10/29/2012 12:40 PM by Harry Satchel [contact]

I have to agree with both comments about Pittsburgh and Cleveland as I was at both of them as well. In fact, that's my gallery of pics! My gallery from Pittsburgh was posted as well but those were a bit better since we did the VIP seats for Pittsburgh. After 32 years as a fan I finally had my closest seats ever in Pittsburgh at Row 3 dead center.

I would have rather had those seats for Cleveland, however, because the guys were just on fire! Geddy sounded great and his playing was amazing. Alex tore through each chord and note like it was the last time he would ever play them and put so much energy into every last one of them. Slight trainwreck on his part at the beginning of Dreamline but, being the professional that he and they are, it was very quickly overcome. And what else can you say about the Professor? Neil never disappoints and never misses a beat being the Clockwork Angel he is! I hope they release a DVD/CD for this tour because I absolutely love the new dimension the strings add to older songs like Manhattan Project and YYZ and would love to have a good quality recording of it!

These guys never cease to amaze me at the level of musicianship and friendship they display and I'm proud to say I was a Rush fan BEFORE it was cool to be one and I'm sure there are millions that are proud to say the same!
#1 - Posted 10/29/2012 11:03 AM by drummerboy2112

Second show for me this tour, and much better energy from the band this time around than in Pittsburgh. Rained on both nights, so very crappy weather outside, I thought it would have kept people away, but it was full from my view, they curtained off the upper section.

Got there a little early with a buddy of mine who was seeing them for the first time ever. He *thinks* he heard Tom Sawyer on the radio, thats how much of a newbie he was lol.

Ate some wings at Quaker state, and got down to our seats, sec 110, row 11, great view of the strings, and Ged.

I knew the setlist from PGH, but was relieved it hit them the night they played Middletown dreams, and territories. I dont mind leaving out Working man, Limelight, and was also glad to see TSOR. The new tunes were much better this time around, more energy, they are playing them better and the strings were clearer. I spoke to Brad the sound engineer for the tour and he mentioned there were serious sound issues at the first 5-10 shows, but they are much better now. It was evident even in the Gnome video on the screen, I couldnt make out any words in PGH, it was clearer this time, but still room for growth. I still think Caravan is a good song, but too muddy, busy, thick, and a mess during the pre-choruses. Wish them Well, The wreckers, The Garden, and Headlong Flight sounded great, with the last there totally rocking out. That one is going to be a classic. They just need to keep the verses cleaner.

The shirts were thrown out again towards the the end of the show, and Neil launched them very quickly. I almost got one, but we were just a bot too far away.

Great show, glad I went, you can tell that three hours is a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGG time for much of the audience (we are all getting older!), some of whom claimed around me that the seats were smaller this year. :v)

Oh my buddy, the newbie, is a convert, hell yea!

-Asif aka DrumminDoc show #50 something since 1984, lost track
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